Women's plus size underwear

Our range of plus size lingerie is perfect for women with real bodies. All women understand the challenge of finding sexy underwear or plus size knickers that fit perfectly and make them feel their best. So many companies sell unrealistic sizes that only cater to a very small percentage of people, but that's not us.

Our collection is full of pages and pages of underwear in all styles and sizes. Whether you're shopping for thongs for a special occasion or just some nice underwear to help you boost your confidence and feel your best, you'll find it all here because we are one of best UK retailers for plus size knickers and bras.

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All of our purchases are guaranteed and we have a simple returns policy, but we're confident that you won't need to use it because you'll instantly fall in love with your new sexy underwear.

Women's Plus Size Underwear | Wild Crush

Plus size lingerie

Sexy lingerie is one of the best gifts for you and your partner on special occasions. It's a great way to add some spice to date night and play some fun games in the bedroom. We have a style to suit all tastes and kinks, so browse each page and see what you can find.

Our plus size lingerie range is a particularly popular category and there is so much to choose from. All women should be able to wear gorgeous lingerie and feel sexy, which is why we created this collection with all of the top brands in sizes that suit every body shape.

We have a beautiful range of thongs and bras and some amazing three-piece garter sets too. You'll also find a great selection of bodysuits and babydolls too if you want something a little different. You can browse the full collection by category or brand or alternatively, by style, size, and shape so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Gorgeous comfortable fabrics

Our lingerie comes in all sorts of materials from elegant lace to fishnet and faux leather. So, whatever your bedroom fantasies are, you can find a sexy outfit that helps you bring them to life. Every brand we stock is known for quality, so you will always be comfortable and relaxed.

Why not try out our great search feature and start browsing our sexy plus size category?

Women's Plus Size Underwear | Wild Crush

Special occasions gifts

If you are looking for some special occasions gifts, you are in the right place. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to break out the sexy lingerie and toys to play some games in the bedroom. That's why we put together our beautiful plus size Valentines Lingerie category.

If you are shopping for some special Valentines gifts, why not try a seductive pair of plus size crotchless panties and a red lace bralette? We also have great collections of teddies in sexy floral red lace. Our Valentine's category is filled with all sorts of sensual plus size lingerie for every style and taste. But why stop at the lingerie?

We also have an excellent range of sexy games, gifts and adult sex toys for you to play with. Set the mood with some massage candles and oils, or take your pleasure to the next level with our full range of vibrators and wands. All of our collections of toys are high-quality and properly tested, so you can enjoy some safe Valentines fun.

Our plus size shop is the best place to find some amazing gifts for you and your partner if you want to ignite the spark and have some extra fun this Valentines Day.

We are proud to be one of the leading plus size lingerie retailers in the UK. We understand that hopping for sensual underwear can be a challenge for some women because the sizes are often so unrealistic. But our selection of plus size knickers, bralettes, teddies, bodysuits, and much more is perfect for you.

We don't stop at selling amazing plus size lingerie either, we also help you save money by offering amazing prices too. You'll find the top plus size brands on every page of our website and each category is specifically curated to make sure that you can find exactly what you want. Search by style and size, or alternatively, browse each page until you land on something that gets you excited. Create your own account to save your top products and find them again easily when you come back next time.

Plus size sexy lingerie

Check out our plus size knickers, bras, and bodysuits today to unleash your inner sensuality and make you feel sexy and confident!

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