Wedding night outfit

It's your big day! You finally found your dream dress, have the perfect partner for life, the venue is booked, and everything is falling into place, exactly how you dreamed it would! Now, you just need the bridal lingerie to complete the night.

Every bride deserves to have a naughty ending on their special day. Lingerie helps you connect with your lover as a married couple and is the perfect way to start your happily ever after!

Bridal lingerie is one of the best ways to ensure sparks fly all night long. Just imagine the look on your lover's face when they see you in your bridal underwear. They're going to wish the night would never end.

Whether you're looking for a matching set for the first night or you're looking for a bridal bodysuit with delicate eyelash lace, we have what you need.

You can rest assured that with Wild Crush, you'll find the perfect fit for your big day. So you can feel confident starting out your first night as a married couple in a stunning and stylish, unforgettable look..

Bridal lingerie

We know that your wedding night is a big deal. You want everything to be perfect, and everything will be once you find the matching set of your dreams.

Some brides feel discouraged when it comes to bridal lingerie. They have a hard time balancing what they want from their wedding dress and lingerie. We're here to tell you: you can have the best of both worlds!

Does your dress have a plunging neckline or a backless design? No worries, freshen up in the bathroom and slip on your wedding night outfit before bed.

There's no need to over complicate things. When you choose to not wear your wedding lingerie under your dress, you open the doors to new lingerie style opportunities! 

For example, you'd be able to flaunt your stuff in our Off The Shoulder With Lace Bodysuit on your big night! The off-the-shoulder style makes it harder to wear under dressing gowns, so you can opt to wear something more comfortable under the dress, then slip on this sexy bedtime look on after!

Wedding lingerie

Bridal intimates are a fun and playful way to get a little naughty on your big day and every night on your honeymoon. They keep the excitement going all through the night and give you the much-needed confidence boost.

At Wild Crush, we have a wide range of fabric options, looks, and colours to choose from.

Still, looking for something blue to wear on your big day? Consider a baby blue matching set or blue wedding knickers. 

Need something ivory instead of white? We got you covered! We want to help you fulfil all of your wildest wedding night fantasies with your new boo for life. 

A bride's new best friend

If you're a bride with exquisite taste, you'll need a timeless classic to compliment your personality. Our Adelaide White Satin Chemise has gorgeous lace trim elements and silky satin details. All things that will leave you feeling like the bride of the hour, even after the wedding dress comes off.

This fun and flattering chemise will also make an excellent gift for anyone that wants to make their partner feel special.

Just imagine the look on their face when they walk into the bedroom and find this gorgeous piece of lingerie on the bed. They won't be able to keep their hands off of you!

Wedding dress

Picture this: you take off your wedding dress on your big day. You head to the bathroom, freshen up your hair and makeup, and slip on our Eva White Satin Chemise Set instead. The look has adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit. 

Just imagine what your partner will think when they see you in this! They'll be so excited to take this chemise set right off of you. This look is a stunning style that provides the perfect amount of sex appeal on your wedding night.

The best part? It comes with a dainty lace mask if you want to turn up the heat and take things to the next level!

Bridal lingerie collection

At Wild Crush, we have a great selection of bridal lingerie to choose from. Whether you're looking for sexy white knickers to wear on your big day or a floral lace bodysuit, or a sensual corset, we have what you need!

To find the best bridal underwear, always consider what you feel and look your best in! Confidence is the best accessory you can wear on your big night.

Honeymoon underwear

A lingerie is a honeymoon essential. With bridal intimates, you usually want to stick to traditional colours, like ivory, white, or blue. However, with honeymoon underwear, you're able to have more fun! You can be bright and bold with a sexy matching set in the colour of your bridal flowers. 

Headed somewhere tropical for a few weeks? Play with neon colours to match the incredible tan you're able to receive. You can have a few days full of sexy nights with your new partner for life, so you'll want to stock up on sexy looks you can wear throughout the honeymoon vacation with your boo.

Explore Bridal lingerie options with Wild Crush 

Planning your wedding? Make sure you have the right bridal intimates! We have gorgeous options for every style and body type. Shop our collection today and receive FREE UK delivery on all orders. 

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FAQs on bridal lingerie

What should I wear on my wedding night?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! You have a long day ahead of you and you don't have to wear anything sensual under your dress if you don't want to. 

Depending on the material of your wedding dress, certain lingerie styles and fabrics may clash and take away from the beauty of your wedding day.

The best part about wedding lingerie is if you want to go with a more intricate style that might not play well with your wedding dress, you can always opt to slip it on after the night ends.

What does a bride wear under her wedding dress?

A bride can wear what she pleases! Some aim for comfort since they'll most likely spend all day walking around and socializing. Others are set on a sensual style so they can go straight to the bedroom after the night.

If you choose to wear a lingerie set under your dress, we always recommend trying it on before the wedding day. That way you can see if works well under your dress styles and has a good fit.

What kind of underwear should I wear on my wedding day?

Look for something that feels good on and leaves you feeling confident and sexy! It's your big day, and you deserve to have the time of your life.

What do brides wear on their wedding night?

You know that feeling when you find the perfect dress? That Ah-ha moment? Yeah, well you're likely going to have that same feeling when you see the perfect bridal lingerie set! 

Don't be discouraged if the set you fall in love with doesn't mesh with your dress you can easily slip on something sensual at the end of the night and continue the fun under the sheets.

Do brides wear thongs?

Yes, some brides prefer a thong over other styles! Thin or silk material requires a thong or no-show underwear so that it doesn't take away from the look on your big day.

What underwear should I wear on my wedding day?

You can truly wear whatever you want... you can even choose to not wear anything at all! 

We always recommend brides wear what they are comfortable in you have a long night ahead of you! Always consider the material of your dress, fit of the style, and what you feel your best in. 

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