Discover waist-snatching teddies of all colours, styles, and fabrics. Our teddy lingerie collection was designed to accentuate your curves and leave you feeling confident and sexy.

You’re getting ready for a date night with your lover, so you decide to slip a teddy under your dress as a surprise to spice things up in the bedroom.

Maybe you want to dress up for a lingerie photoshoot and find something suggestive to match your wild side, so you look for something bold and daring.

Teddies & Bodysuits | Wild Crush

No matter the occasion, we have a wide range of styles at a great price so that you can shop to unleash your sex appeal however you choose.

Teddy Underwear

 A teddy's are a must-have every woman needs in her lingerie collection. If you’re shopping to spice up the night or just need a much-needed confidence boost, the right design can leave you feeling desirable and sensual.

From feminine features to bold and breath-taking, we have a large selection of all price ranges on our site.

Fun & Flirty Lingerie Collection

Simply sexy: Our Pink Halter Plunge Lace Teddy with Flyaway Skirt is a whimsical pink colour and is paired beautifully with soft-touch chiffon. This is one of our favourite teddies because it's the perfect combination of alluring sex appeal and flirty cuteness.

Why is underwear called a teddy?

Teddies were invented in the 1920s during WW2 when women started to wear more trousers than skirts. At the time, they were commonly known as “camiknickers.” The same style regained popularity in the lingerie market in the 1990s and the style was later known as teddy or body.

What is the point of a teddy?

Teddies have a different purpose than everyday clothes. Whether you’re shopping to surprise your lover by showing off your curves or want to shop for one to feel more confident in your own skin teddies are sure to help enhance the passionate night you’ve been searching for.

They bring out your flirty side and spice things up in the bedroom with a little more visual appeal. The right erotic lingerie for your body type can leave you with the perfect amount of sex appeal and confidence.

Striking & Sensual

One of our favourite bodysuit looks is the Delia Peek-a-Boo Teddy Bodysuit. This look comes in a wide selection of colour variations and is made with a delicate floral design. Don’t be fooled by the soft and innocent look, this naughty number includes an open crotch, making it easier to enjoy fun times without any hassle. It really is one of our favourites.

What is the difference between a teddy and a bodysuit?

A type of erotic style of bodysuit that is usually known for being more sheet and having a looser fit. Bodysuits typically unclip at the crotch area and teddy's will slip off of the shoulders.

Is a teddy a bodysuit?

It’s a type of bodysuit that’s designed for a slightly different purpose. Bodysuits are often tighter and more form-fitting and teddies are easier to take off and can be more comfortable, depending on the design.

However, teddies and bodysuits come in a wide range of designs and materials such as lace, mesh, and colours.

How do you wear a teddy bodysuit?

The beauty is you can wear it however you want! You can wear teddy's under your everyday clothes or with a matching robe before getting spicy in the bedroom!

Leave a Sheer Impression

If you’re looking for a matching outfit that is sure to make a show-stopping impression, checkout our Black Lace Teddy & Matching Sheer Wraparound Skirt. This seductive outfit is designed to reveal your curves, length your legs, and give you a busty, sexy look.

What is the point of wearing a bodysuit?

Bodysuits refine your favourite bits and pull you in at all the right places. Whether you’re searching for something to show off your sweet side or your dominant daydreams, you’re sure to find an option on our site.

Be Daring in the Bedroom

Our Wet Look Necktie Black Bodysuit is a captivating look that is sure to leave any man wanting more. This look hugs all the right parts of your body, fully reveals your chest, and includes striking, unique details. 

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