There's no better way to set the mood and give yourself a much-needed confidence boost than with a pair of revealing women's underwear. These styles are risqué and inviting. They'll keep all eyes on you, all night long! Every woman needs at least one pair of hot underwear for ladies in their lingerie drawer. They're great for date nights, hot and steamy nights in: and everyday wear. 

A sexy pair of panties can give you a self-esteem boost and help you feel your best all the time. Once you slip a sexy pair on, you're able to flaunt your feminine figure and strut your stuff, knowing you're the hottest woman in the room!

Your partner will be able to admire you and all of your curves, in and outside of the bedroom. So you can easily take your date nights to the next level and get a little kinky: whenever you want!

Sexy underwear

We all need a confidence boost once in a while, and the right pair of panties can give it to you. When you're wearing a pair of sexy underwear, you'll instantly feel confident in your own skin.

You'll be able to dominate in the bedroom, unleash your wild side, and tease as you please!

The best part is: that your partner won't be able to take their eyes off of you. At Wild Crush, we have a wide range of hot underwear for ladies that are great for special occasions, everyday wear, a sexy lingerie photoshoot, or just for fun. 

Sexy and Functional

We're going to let you in on a little secret: life is too short to wear boring underwear. Just because your underwear is sexy doesn't mean it can't be functional. Some styles are great to wear while you're out and about and between the sheets, so you can experience the best of both worlds, and feel confident as you take on the day.

Our collection of sexy panties on our site is designed with high-quality, comfortable material. So you can wear any of our items to the office, to the store, and in bed!

The best part is: You'll be able to take on your day with confidence, knowing how hot you look under your clothes. You can strut around the office or the store feeling your best with a sensual pair of panties on. 

When you get home, you can flirt with your lover, pull them into bed, and show them a risqué little surprise under your clothes.

Turn up the intimacy

Surprising your lover with sexy underwear is a great way to enhance the intimacy levels. It keeps things interesting and leaves them wanting more. Just imagine the look on their face when they get home from a long day at work and get to see you in a sexy pair of women's underwear or a matching lingerie set. Your partner's jaws will drop, and they won't be able to keep their eyes off of you!

Sexy lingerie

There's nothing better than having a matching set. When you have a pair of underwear to match one of your sexy bras, you'll be filled with newfound confidence and ready to dominate in the bedroom.

These looks feel amazing and will leave you feeling amazing too. Revealing underwear for women can also be great for pairing with your favourite babydolls or sexy bras.

A must-have for your underwear drawer

You don't need to stick to the same ol' same ol'. You deserve to look and feel your best! That's why you can rest assured knowing there is hot underwear for ladies that are fun, sexy, and comfortable.

Whether you're looking for a cheeky style or a thong: we got you covered.

We have everything you could possibly imagine. Whether you want something with delicate lace or something more exciting, like leather or sheer.

Hot underwear for ladies

At Wild Crush, we offer a wide range of underwear styles and looks. You can go for something high-waisted with lace or slip on something crotchless with cut-out panels: the choice is yours.

No matter what your taste is, we're here to help. We have everything you need on our site to take your sensual styles to the next level.

The high-quality material is soft to the touch, so you can wear any of our revealing women's underwear looks under your everyday clothes.

Women's exotic underwear

The more exotic, the better! Experiment with looks out of your comfort zone and tap into your wild side with exotic underwear styles. Try on a crotchless style for your next date night, or play with a wet leather look for the ultimate erotic style. These styles are great for any occasion and will help you spice things up and impress your lover in bed!

Surprise your partner

We recommend slipping on something sexy, so you can surprise your lover whenever you want. You can rev up your lover's imagination by sending him sexy photos in a pair of revealing women's underwear.

Shopping for your lover? Take a look at our sexy style guides. It can help you purchase the right hot underwear for ladies.

Sexy knickers

Step out of your comfort zone and into a pair of sexy knickers! At Wild Crush, we have a wide range of sexy knickers of every style and size. We also have many plush sizes and petite styles you can choose from.

Shop the looks with Wild Crush

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