Take your bedroom looks to the next level with an elegant and beautiful negligee. These sheer nighties are a must-have for any woman. They allow you to connect with your feminine side and provide a look of pure luxury.

Once you slip one on, you won't ever want to take it off. Just imagine all the ways a negligee set can enhance your everyday life. You can get dressed up after date nights, cook breakfast in the morning, or just spend a whole day in bed: and always look your absolute best. 

A women's negligee is the perfect complement to just about any lingerie set you might have in your closet. It's simple in design but provides an irresistible look of beauty. No matter who is lucky enough to see you in any of our Wild Crush nighties, they won't be able to keep their hands or eyes off of you! You'll be the centre of attention all night long.

There are many different types of women's negligees. You can get playful with a red lace style that's revealing and daring or keep things sophisticated and simple with a white or cream silk look. It's entirely up to you and what vibe you're looking for!

You can find sheer sets of every kind on our site. Whether you're looking for lace, mesh, or silk: Wild Crush has your back! Explore our wide range of items in stock to find a style that works for you today!

Add a negligee to your lingerie wish list

A negligee is a women's nightgown dress crafted with lightweight material. It's easy to wear to bed and even easier to style. So they're great for setting the mood in the bedroom and surprising your significant lover.

These dresses are often referred to as a nightie or nightgown as well. Some sheer negligee sets can be more risqué and revealing than your everyday nightie. These dresses are informal and are designed to be worn in and around your house or the bedroom. 

Nighties come in a range of different lengths. You can play with a long, ball gown-style nightie during winter or a short nightie set for the summer. So you can have some fun with the styles you choose and mix things up when you start to feel bored with your bedroom attire!

You deserve to experience what it feels like to wear sexy lingerie from head to toe. Slip into something sexy, stay home, and let the night begin. You're sure to have an unforgettable moment with your lover! 

The many benefits of a Negligee

A negligee is a sheer nightgown you can easily style with your favourite lingerie looks. They tend to be more scandalous than your everyday nightgown. The word originates from the French language and translates to "neglected."

There are many reasons every woman needs a beautiful and sensual dressing gown, like the ones we have on our site. 

Comfortable and functional

If you're someone who loves to lounge around at home but is looking for a more high-end look that delivers a ton of sex appeal, a negligee is for you. These gowns are comfortable and made with high-quality material, so you can spend your day on the couch or in bed: Looking your absolute best. 

Get the spark back

Wearing one of these around the house is also a great way to add a spark back into your relationship. Once your significant other sees you in a look like this, they won't be able to keep their hands or eyes off you! So you can strut around your home, looking and feeling great in your own skin. We're sure your lover will lead you right back to the bedroom in no time!

Confidence boost

Confidence is a girl's best friend, and we're here to tell you that the right night gown is exactly what you need to get that confidence. These desirable styles are a great confidence booster because slipping on something sexy can help you feel better physically, mentally, and sexually. You'll easily be able to take things to the next level in between the sheets. Once you find the right set to add to your wish list, you'll know exactly what we mean. 


With nighties, you can play with different looks, styles, and colours. You can fill your closet up and always have something new to slip on whenever you want. Whether you're looking to play with fierce and bold colours, like red or blue, or want to keep things classic with a white or black look: the right negligee can do it all!

Flatter your features

The negligee is designed to help you show off your favourite features and allow your physical qualities to take centre stage. You'll feel overwhelming confident and beautiful in a nightie! You won't want to take it off, no matter how spicy things get in bed. 

Complete your bedroom looks

Do you have a lingerie set you're obsessed with but feel like something has been missing? We'll let you in on a little secret: It's a negligee! These are the perfect complement for lingerie looks. They help you feel like you're wearing a complete outfit. That any person would be lucky to slowly take off your body. You can choose to wear your favourite lingerie set underneath: or consider wearing nothing! It's up to you and what type of sexy mood you're in. No matter what type of night you have planned, a women's negligee is sure to complement your natural beauty and complete all of your bedrooms looks.

Get in touch with your femininity 

These bedroom gowns are more than just sexy lingerie. They also provide a high-end, classy look. They allow you to get in touch with your feminine side and express your individuality in a new way. 

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At Wild Crush, we have a great collection of women's negligees and sheer nightie sets. You can explore our wide range of items and order when that best fits your personality and needs. You can shop by size, colour, material, or collection. 

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FAQs about Negligees

Why is it called negligee?

Negligee is another word for nightgown. It comes from the French language and was popularised during the 18th century. These gowns were typically long and sheer.

What is the difference between a nightie and a negligee?

Both of these are designed to be worn to bed. However, a negligee tends to be more risqué, see through, and sexy!

What are women's night gowns called?

There are many different word for women's night gown. These include: negligee, nightie, nightdress, and night gown.

What is chemise for?

A chemise is a women's undergarment. It's a simple sleepwear item that is typically worn as lingerie.

What is a sheer nightgown called?

A sheer nightgown is a negligee! These items tend to be crafted from delicate see through material, making it a spicier option for the bedroom!

What is the purpose of a nightie?

A nightie is a great confidence booster that can help you feel and look good, even when you're just going to bed!

What are short nighties called?

Short nighties are often referred to as babydoll or a shortie.

Which is best brand for nighty?

At Wild Crush, we have several different high-quality nighty options of all styles, moods, and vibes!

What is the difference between negligee and nightgown?

The main difference is how sensual and sexy the style is! A negligee is closer to a lingerie or babydoll set. While a nightgown, is similar to a nightwear dressing gown.

Where does the word negligee originate from?

The word originates from the French language. It was popularised during the 18th century. The word originates from the French language and translates to "neglected."

What is meant by carcanet?

You may hear the word Carcanet when shopping for sensual lingerie styles. Carcanet refers to the decoration on the nightgown. Some tend to be more glamorous than others and feature an ornamental collar or a jewelled look. Other nightie sets are simplistic and classic.

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