Why Women Love
Wearing See Through Lingerie

Some people say that your undergarments are a reflection of yourself and are actually a form of self-expression. Just like your Louboutin collection, your erotic lingerie pieces needs a good refresh every once in a while. At Wild Crush, we know how important it is to feel confident and sexy, whether it’s just for yourself or for a lucky someone. But if you’re unsure of whether or not you want to take the plunge and purchase your first set of sheer lingerie, consider these three reasons why lingerie enthusiasts just can’t get enough.

Sheer lingerie makes you feel sexy

Unlike your bog standard undies and sports bra, lingerie is fashionable and visually appealing, almost like a piece of artwork. It’s impossible to not feel sexy when you’re wearing a sheer pink babydoll and matching thong set. The lace and satin accentuates all the sexiest parts of the body while highlighting your skin and hair colour.

Sheer lingerie is also gorgeously feminine and will provide you with that boost of feminine energy.  After a long day at work, it’s normal to feel drained, frumpy, and exhausted. These sorts of feelings can really take a toll on your confidence and mental health, which is why it’s crucial to take the time to doll yourself up sometimes. Putting on a piece of sexy lingerie that makes you feel good is the easiest way to reverse the dreary week you just endured.

While many people like to wear lingerie to tease and excite their romantic partner, some like to wear it for a personal mood boost. Sometimes all it takes to fix a bad mood is putting on a sexy lingerie set and taking a few boudoir photos for your own collection—self-love and self-appreciation are so important. When you practice self-love, you’ll be able to set healthy boundaries for yourself while making healthy choices. The way that you view yourself, influences every decision that you make.

Seeing yourself wear a sheer babydoll or bra and panty set should totally turn you on. It’s healthy to get turned on by your own existence. You’ll feel powerful and in-tune with your sexuality. Believe it or not, it’ll be challenging not to stage a sexy at-home photoshoot in your bathroom, with some candles and steamy music, when you slip into your new see through lingerie. Discovering and becoming comfortable with your own sexuality and sensuality will help you gain a better sense of self. Your sexuality is a big part of who you are as a person, which is why it deserves attention.

You know how wearing a new outfit makes you feel more attractive and gives you a boost of confidence? Erotic lingerie can make you feel that exact same way. Wearing sexy undergarments will put a pep in your step that stretched out, cotton bikini briefs simply cannot. You’ll feel voluptuous, alluring, and maybe even a little sensual. The people around you will pick up on the new confidence you’re oozing from wearing that naughty see through bra under your t-shirt.

Wearing a beautiful set of sexy lingerie is a form of self-love and it can actually help someone feel empowered, improving their overall wellbeing. Treating yourself to a special sheer bodysuit or bra and panty set can also boost your mood. Erotic lingerie shopping is the best kind of retail therapy.

If you’re hesitant to commit to wearing a full lingerie set or babydoll, start off simple with a pair of lacy, see through panties. They will make your bum look incredible, even if you’re the only one there to appreciate it.

See through lingerie is breathable 

There are few things worse than putting on a lingerie that makes you feel as if you’re suffocating and minutes away from sprouting a moustache of sweat beads along your upper lip. Unlike satin corsets and babydolls, sheer lingerie is extremely breathable as the fabric has tiny holes all over 

If you’ve been wanting to surprise your significant other with a sexy lap dance in a new erotic lingerie set but have been worried that you might get hot and lightheaded, sheer lingerie is the solution. You’ll be able to shake your booty and whip your hair without sweating all of your makeup off.

If your body temperature tends to run hot, try picking lingerie pieces that are strappy and consist of less fabric. This way, you’ll basically feel naked while looking like an absolute knockout. Those who prefer a little more coverage should opt for a babydoll that loosely grazes your skin as this creates some air flow.

Sheer lingerie is also ridiculously comfortable. The sheer fabric feels soft against the body and isn’t restrictive in the slightest. If a bra or pair of undies is making you feel uncomfortable, it likely doesn’t fit right. When you purchase a piece of lingerie, be sure to order your correct size so that it doesn’t cut your circulation off.

When it comes to lingerie, sometimes less is more. While some people prefer diamonds, neon colours, and beads, the traditional pieces are often the sexiest. A plain black set is the perfect start to any lingerie collection. And since red is the colour of passion and fire, it would be wise to also add a red bodysuit.

For those who already have an extensive sexy lingerie collection, try adding pieces with playful colours like a purple lace teddy or a mulberry lace babydoll skirt and thong set. Not only will wearing these colours brighten your mood but it will also enhance your complexion. Throwing on a bright-colored piece of see through lingerie can cheer you (or your significant other) up on even the worst of bad days.

If you’re really feeling playful, check out our cheetah print stretch lace teddy. You will immediately feel like an amazonian goddess.

Sheer lingerie can be layered 

Over the past year, wearing sheer lingerie has become a very popular fashion trend—outside of the bedroom. The trend originated in Hollywood, but it’s taken the world by storm. Celebrities have been photographed wearing sheer bodysuits (with lined bra cups) under a pair of high-waisted jeans. This is a great outfit for your big night out, especially if you find that you get warm when wearing blouses while dancing. When leaving the restaurant or bar, just throw on a leather jacket for a super chic, fashion-forward look.

Other pieces of sheer lingerie can function as a bra top and can be worn under a blazer with a skirt or pair of pants. Wearing a colourful and sheer bralette with a mini skirt and oversized cardigan is also another exceedingly trendy look. But if you’re finding the bra slightly too see through, be sure to put on a set of pasties or fashion tape before leaving the house.

Short, see through slip dresses also make a sexy outfit for date night. Pair a slinky slip dress with knee high boots or a pair of stilettos. This is a great outfit for when the weather gets hotter and pants feel too restrictive.

Because see through lingerie can be layered, you can still admire the look of your panties when wearing a long babydoll-style piece on top. Some babydoll lingerie pieces even have sheer wrap-around skirts that can be removed once you’re feeling comfortable enough. Babydoll lingerie is great for people who are still learning to feel comfortable and confident in their own body. It’s sexy, glamorous, and shows just the right amount of skin. Keep in mind that unlike other styles of see through lingerie, babydolls are mostly for the bedroom or the privacy of your home. They have yet to be transformed into a fashion staple.

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