Why Everyone Should Own A Sex Toy

It’s commonplace now for most people to own at least one sex toy, and why not!? We should all have access to be able to enjoy our sexuality both with a partner and solo. And that goes for men and women! For some reason, when it comes to talking about sex, we tend to be open and honest with close friends about everything BUT masturbation and sex toys.

In a sexy little nutshell, sex toys are fantastic. Every single consenting adult should be the proud owner of a sex toy with the sexual freedom (and not to mention pleasure) they bring. And within the modern pop culture in TV shows and films like Sex And The City and the Fifty Shades of Grey, sex toys have become more popular and accepted in society.

Over the last few years, sexual exploration through nifty devices and clever toys has made the whole sex toy experience more normalised and accessible to an audience that may not have previously considered them. And let’s not forget just how easy and secure online shopping makes stocking up on a range of sex toys discreetly these days, especially at Wild Crush.


Why Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys are a great way to fulfil your sexual needs when you’re single, your partner isn’t available or even during couples play. Sex toys not only simulate real sexual experiences, but they can also bring new experiences and sensations that could stimulate you into multiple orgasms.

We’ve pulled together some of the top reasons as to why you should consider getting yourself a new sexy friend if you haven’t already got one, and we’re sure that after reading them, you’ll be ready to encounter an entirely new world of sexual pleasure.

Self-Love is Vital

Along with being a great way to unwind and release built-up tensions, solo masturbation can help you to feel comfortable and familiar with your body. This is particularly the case when it comes to women. Loving your body is a sure-fire way to find out precisely what you like and where you want it and means that when it comes to introducing a partner to your sexual likes, you can direct them exactly where to go.


Increase Your Libido

People who regularly use vibrators can start to feel higher levels of sexual desire and arousal due to experiencing sexual feelings more often, and in turn, could begin to crave more intimacy with a partner. When it comes to women using sex toys, their levels of desire, lubrication, and arousal are all boosted.

Experimenting with different types of sex toy areas can be good for your libido. Believe it or not, using toys that aren’t directly associated with the genitals can work wonders in boosting your sex drive. For example, nipple suckers are perfect for increased sensitivity, and ideal for those who want to stimulate their nipples at the same time as focusing on down under, for both men and women.

Better Sex for Couples                                                                         

When you meet someone new, sex is exciting at first, and you both want to explore everything together, but generally, somewhere down the line, sex can become a little monotonous, and you may fall into the same routine and same positions, not really bothering to spice things up. But alas, do not fret, as adding sex toys to the mix can help you both achieve the type of explosive sexual pleasure that you’ve never felt before. And what’s even better is that you can experience it together.

A vibrator during sex can maximise stimulation and bring you both to the climax at the same time. Alternatively, a couple’s sex toy such as a cock ring that vibrates can be lovely too. Of course, there is also all the sexy accessories such as clothes, bondage toys and intimate lubes that can also add a little something something. It is an excellent way to take your intimacy to the next level and explore new erotic adventures together and will bring you closer together both inside and outside the bedroom.

Masturbation is Good for Your Health

Sex toys can help to relieve people of stress and tension. And when it comes to women, masturbation with sex toys can actually help women achieve comfort during penetrative sex with a partner.  Nothing beats a massage of the nether regions, and with a sex toy from Wild Crush, you can enjoy one too.

Relieves Stress and Improves Sleep

As mentioned above, masturbation with a sex toy can relieve built-up tensions, and as stress and lack of sleep often come hand in hand, one way to avoid both is through the power of orgasm. A hormone called Oxytocin is released during orgasm, which induces feelings of contentment and calmness, which, in turn, reduces anxiety. This incredible love hormone also helps aid a night of restful sleep, so you should feel refreshed the next day. An excellent way to relieve stress can be a sensual massage, using a massage oil such as Shunga's Romance Sparkling Massage Oil which is also a great activity to introduce into the bedroom.

Shunga's Romance Sparkling Massage Oil | Wild Crush

Nurture and express Your Sexual Needs

Nobody should feel embarrassed about masturbation, especially not when it comes to using a sex toy. There are so many new inventions and technological advancements that we live in an era where everything is made for convenience. And if that means that solo sex is easier and more enjoyable, then so be it!

Women needn’t feel embarrassed about using sex toys, as sexuality is simply another part of our lives that needs nurturing and expressing. Sex toys allow people to achieve orgasm much easier than through organic masturbation or sex. Using sex toys will open your eyes to new exciting possibilities and help you discover much more about yourself, so check out the fantastic range of wonderful adult toys and accessories at Wild Crush.