When Sexy Lingerie
Dreams Come True

If you’re like us at Wild Crush and have a healthy obsession with all things lingerie, there’s probably no such thing as too much inspiration. Just think about all the smouldering bedroom outfits and gorgeous fishnet stockings you haven’t slipped onto your body yet—there’s so much to be excited about in the lingerie world, and Wild Crush is the best place to find new looks.

Sexy lingerie can make you feel amazing and make things hotter in the bedroom. So, at Wild Crush, we believe that everyone should have a few pieces of sexy erotic underwear to hand. If that spark between you and your partner is not like they used to be, try to find the sexiest lingerie there is, and bring the magic back into your relationship.

Surprise your partner from time to time with an erotic underwear set. The birthdays, holidays and anniversaries are special occasions where you can spice up things a little bit in your bedroom. Or just get your sex on whenever you feel like and dress up for yourself and your partner all the time!

What Sexy Lingerie Should You Choose?  

There’s so much lingerie out there to choose from and when it comes to picking the sexiest lingerie, you can't really go wrong. It's just like when you select any other piece of clothing - you should buy something you like, or maybe something that you think your partner would love and get them turned on. 

The most common type of sexy lingerie comes in black, maybe it’s seductive or maybe because black be flattering, but it’s the preferred colour worldwide. Of course, there’s red pieces too, and because red is the colour of love.

When it comes to the fabric of your lovely lingerie, silk tends to be the most comfortable and luxurious. But at Wild Crush, we have a lot of affordable pieces that look fab and won’t break the bank. Take this beautiful and elegant piece for example our Black Lace Teddy and Matching Sheer Wraparound Skirt. It’s sexy, sultry and affordable – and it’s bound to get your other half excited!

No matter what type of lingerie you’re dreaming of wearing, we have it. From full sets to one-piece things and everything in between. Wild Crush has your sexual lingerie fantasies covered. Want to see more of our intimate pieces, have a look around the website and find the perfect style for you.