What is it about women in stockings!

Not only have stockings found their way into almost every outfit, they also do incredibly well in the bedroom. These timeless wardrobe staples have the ability to elevate any look, whether it’s for a date, a day at work, or even a night out with your best girlfriends.

Why do we feel sexy in stockings

Admit it, the right pair of stockings have such an alluring effect when put on. Maybe it’s because you know that they have the same effect on the opposite sex. Maybe it makes you feel like the one of many Hollywood beauties who have rocked iconic looks in hosiery. Whatever it is, no one can look as sultry and desirable as a mature woman in stockings.

Types of stockings

Stockings are a lady’s best friend-except that you can have more than one! If you are in the market for a new pair of tights, there are so many different types that you’ll be spoilt for choice. To make things easier, here is a breakdown of the types of stockings that Wild Crush offers:

Fishnet Stockings:

The history of fishnet stockings actually date back to the 1920s, but it’s one of the raging trends in the past few years. It’s dynamic and goes with everything and a great layering piece, with just a little peek-a-boo factor.

Lace Stockings:

Lace stockings are a staple classic and have never gone out of style. With so many versatile designs and styles, these are a great addition to your wardrobe and can pair well with any outfit. The pattern gives off a feminine, girly vibe with just a touch of sensuality. They’re so versatile that they can be worn with anything from party dresses to office wear, and even do well in the boudoir.

Patterned Stockings:

With new trends in the stocking world, one of our favourites is the patterned leggings. It is common to see hosiery nowadays with cool patterns like stripes or dainty prints that can give the outfit a little pop of flavour and vibrancy which goes great with edgy outfits. Patterns are so popular because they can add depth and bring attention to your legs.

Sheer Stockings:

These playful leggings are the ultimate tease-showing just about enough of the legs while still being fully covered up. Sheer leggings are perfect for cooler weather and when you still want to bare a little skin. Sheer tights in neutral and skin-tone colours are definitely worth getting for everyday wear and to pair with skirts and dresses.

Thigh-high Stockings:

High enough to go well with short skirts, while showing a flash of skin just to keep things interesting. Great for a younger, preppy look which is really in trend nowadays.


The garter leggings is a timeless design to make every man swoon. These sexy stockings are held up with two straps and create a stunning contrast between the skin. Playful and sleek, these leggings are a great addition to any look fashionable on the outside, while sensual on the inside. Wear a pair of Ballerina Hold Ups the next time you go on a romantic date and you will know!

Opaque Stockings:

Move over, little black dress. Every woman needs a pair of these black stockings in her closet. They’re functional, fashionable and pair well with almost everything. Opaque tights have a slimming effect to tone the legs and make them appear longer. An outfit with these stockings and heels of the same colour would be unbeatable!

Knee-high design:

These beautiful stockings create the illusion of knee-high socks while still covering all the way up. The opaque parts usually come up only to the knees and definitely adds on to the sex appeal of any outfit you’re wearing. Knee-highs are known to accentuate the calves while flaunting a bit of ‘skin’ on the thighs.

Find your perfect stockings...

Stockings are meant to make every woman feel and look beautiful; no matter the height, body size or leg shape, there is a perfect stocking out there for you. You just have to follow these tips to pick the perfect stocking.


Women who are shorter can opt for stockings that are the same colour as their outfit. Monochromatic looks can create a longer silhouette and are incredibly trendy nowadays. Try experimenting with stripes to create an illusion of a taller look. If you’re taller, try to colour-block your outfits by using contrasting colours.

Leg shape

You will want stockings that highlight your leg shape. For slimmer calves, go for patterns and a lower denier to really accentuate those calves. If you have bulkier legs, opaque designs with a slimming effect are your best friend.

Skin type

It is best to find a stocking colour that compliments your skin tone. Choosing colours that are too contrasting or have a different undertone can look more unnatural than flattering for everyday wear.

If you’re looking to spice things up, getting creative with bright colours can create a sense of allure and mystery. To keep things even sexier, picking the right material can bring the seductivity to the next level. For mature or pigmented skin, patterned tights will add a touch of youthfulness to your appearance. On the other hand, plain leggings give a sleek, sultry look.


Besides ensuring that you feel your best in them, the right size will make sure you get the longest wear life. Getting a larger than needed size can look less flattering on your body, while tights on the smaller end are more susceptible to wear-and-tear and can limit movement. Always check the size chart before purchasing to find the perfect fit for your measurements. One small tip for women who fall between sizes is to always size up for maximum comfort.

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