What’s A Foot Fetish?

What defines is as people are a number of different things such as what we like to eat, what our sexual preference is, and even something as little as what time we go to bed at night. So can a particular fetish define you as a person? Only if you let it…

If you have a foot fetish, and only sleep with and associate yourself with people who have a foot fetish, then having a foot fetish will define you to a certain extent. If you constantly only think about feet and only talk about feet to your friends, family or co-workers, then the foot fetish has defined you and has become who you are. It can be easy to become defined by what we like. If we truly like it then it's on our minds 24/7. 

It’s not a bad thing to be defined by something. If people didn’t have that passion about something, then historically, we might have never made it to space or found a cure for diseases or a multitude of other great things. So if you truly like something, then at Wild Crush, we believe you should truly let that be you, and embrace it. 

Do You Love Feet?

There are many degrees of foot fetish from as small and innocent as a foot rub, to more sexual and wild as a footjob, and a lot more in between. Not everybody will like everything on the list either, some things like foot worship aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone can agree that a foot rub is nice and relaxing for all. 

Staring off with the lighter foot play, let’s begin with the classic foot rub. Now it’s pretty easy to get your date or spouse to get their shoes off if you're offering a foot rub. A foot rub is a great place to start in easing them into your foot fetish as well. For starters it gets their shoes off, which is an ultimate goal, and you get to explore the feel and potentially even the smell of their feet. Maybe while you’ve got their shoes off, you can put them around your face, or set them on your lap, just throwing small hints towards your lover. 

Something a Little More, Perhaps?

Moving on to something a little more advanced, the next step on our Wild Crush fetish train is, toe and sole mouth play. Now let’s say things are heating up in the bedroom, but it’s not gone too far, maybe while you're kissing all over you can start with small little kisses, or licks on the toe or sole. In hopes that all go well, and the right signals are sent back, you can start sucking toes, or getting a little more wild with the tongue. Just see how things go. Let it be a natural flow. If it feels forced just look up and see how the other person feels about it. 

Now if that goes well, the chances are that they will start to realise that you have a foot fetish. If so, you can really heat things up and get a little more wild with things like a foot job. Once your special someone knows you like sucking on toes, it’s not really a big leap to something like that, and its not really all that different than a hand job, so I don’t think they could really see a problem in expanding the bedroom play. 

Spruce Up Your Foot Play 

These gorgeous and sultry black stockings are ideal for foot play. The foot can be enjoyed through the fabric or slowly removed to reveal the feet. Because of their wet look and thick material, they may even leave those little toes a bit sweaty and sticky - Belt-like Effect Hold Ups Black & Skin.

Another beautiful little piece are these Plus Size Stretch Lace Bodystocking Black The lovely lace material will feel delightful not only against your skin but potentially against your partner's face, body and genitals. 

To check out more of our amazing and sexy pieces, have a browse through the Wild Crush website!