What Are Crotchless
Panties All About

Well it may be a shock to some more prudish people, but many men and women love their lingerie with as little fabric as possible. Men in particular love their lingerie to reveal more skin that tease and tantalise their senses. The most popular fabrics preferred by both sexes are lace, see through – otherwise known as sheer - straps and bows that can be undone at the right moment. 

So, when it comes to crotchless panties, these little babies can highly improve the sexual experience for everyone involved. Women have also said that they sometimes wear sexy lingerie for work sometimes, even when partying with their friends for that added sexy feel. 

The Perfect Crotchless Lingerie 

When you're wanting to make a lasting impression, crotchless lingerie never fails. Crotchless lingerie is ideal for easy access – if you know what we mean. Depending on the position, this opening is as revealing or as teasing as you want it to be, leaving you in complete control. 

Crotchless knickers are no longer just a ‘Cosmo craze’ or fashion fad – they’re a staple in the wardrobe, the most couture of the cut outs and a definitive seductress in the lingerie dictionary. But whether you’re rocking brief boy shorts or naughty knickers, you may not have considered all the practical components these scant panties have to offer. Let’s explore…

For Days When Tights Are Required

With winter coming up, tights or sexy stockings tend to be a necessity. But you can easily avoid the chafing and discomfort between your legs with a pair of panties that offer that added touch of breathability by being crotchless. Pair with some suspenders, and you’ve got a lingerie look as warm as it is hot to feel sexy throughout the day and tease your prey by night. 

Instant Sex Appeal

Everyone deserves to feel sexy all the time, so break up your morning routine with a new way to feel instantly desirable. Skip the makeup and hair straightening routines (you don’t need it, girl!) and slip into something as sheer and shape-hugging. Get some crotchless confidence in your day. You’ll feel strong, bold and ready for action all day long!

For Peeing with Ease

Solving how to use the restroom in a bodysuit was one big step for womankind. Solving how to use the restroom in absolutely anything was one giant step for humanity. It may take a touch of target practice, but it’ll be the most efficient bathroom break of your life and get you back to that romantic dinner quicker without all the faff of normal knickers. 

For Sending Nudes Easily

Naughty knickers for #NSFW nudes! Make your partner want what they can only slightly see with a moment captured in crotchless knickers. A little selfie of your crotch bearing all will get them (and you!) raring to go!

Of course, like everything in life, crotchless underwear isn't for everyone. But the pure sex appeal and tantalising teasing opportunities that come with a pair of crotchless knickers is like nothing else. There are many different styles to consider when buying crotchless pants, so we've pulled together a few of our best sellers to give you a taste of what’s on offer here at Wild Crush. Here are our top 3!

  • Plus Size Black Floral Lace Crotchless Teddy
  • The lace-up front brings heaps of sex appeal, showing off your cleavage and ensuring you feel confident in the bedroom! While there is a high-neck, the back is backless, meaning you will have plenty of skin on display. 

  • Black Crotchless Bodysuit With Ruffle Cups
  • A little bit of sparkle is added with the diamante for that luxury touch that all women deserve with their lingerie! The body has a thong back, which features a lace-up design that is made from satin ribbon. This garment looks just as good from the back as the front. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

  • Black Fishnet Crotchless Bodystocking
  • With intricate detail, this guides the eye from your breasts down to the open crotch. While this is a one size piece, it is stretchy and clings to the right places, so should prove to be the perfect fit, stretching and adjusting to your individual shape and figure. Also available in plus size!

    For more kinky lingerie, check out the rest of the Wild Crush store!