Top tips on choosing the
perfect bodystocking

Wearing sexy lingerie is a great way to boost your inner confidence. Your partners will love seeing you in it, which can bring you closer together. But, the most appealing aspect of erotic lingerie is the feeling we get inside when we feel good in a sexy bra and panty combo. But, lingerie isn’t only limited to bras and panties. Read on to learn all about bodystockings, what they are, what styles they come in, how to put them on, and why they’re a great lingerie choice.

What is a bodystocking?

Imagine a pair of pantyhose - now, imagine that pair of pantyhose covering most of your body. Voila, you have a basic bodystocking (or body stocking). A bodystocking entirely or partially covers your torso, legs, bum, and arms. It’s a one-piece clothing article that’s usually worn as a piece of erotic lingerie; however, it has versatility that makes it appropriate for some sexy clothing outfits as well. A bodystocking is a unique and versatile piece of sexy underwear, and there are many different, sexy bodystockings. You could go for a fishnet bodystocking, lace bodystocking, red bodystocking, white bodystocking, and more!

Some people love wearing it underneath clothes to maintain a slimmer-looking figure. Bodystockings are usually revealing and show naughty parts of your skin through either cutouts or sheer areas.

 While a bodystocking addition to a night-out outfit could be fashionable and sexy, make sure you go for a crotchless bodystocking otherwise it might be inconvenient when you have to use the loo.

Bodystockings usually act as a pair of underwear, which is convenient if you’re wearing one out. However, some bodystockings are designed to accommodate a sexy piece of underwear to finish the look. Many dancers wear bodystockings underneath costumes, but they don’t usually wear them as the costume itself, since they’re quite revealing. Find your perfect body stocking here

How to put on a bodystocking

Bodystockings are usually delicate, so you have to take extra care when putting one on. If you’re careless, you might tangle up the stocking, rip the lace, or stretch out the material.

Here are three steps to follow when putting on your bodystockings:

Start from the neckline

  • Similar to rolling up your pantyhose, roll up your bodystocking the bring the material from the bottom up to the top. Do this until the feet area of the piece is in your hands. Slip in your first foot and bring the stocking up to your knee. Do the same with your other leg so that your stocking is on up to both your knees.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!

  • It’s time to gently pull up the bodystocking up your thighs and over your hips. Make sure the material is taut so that you don’t get wrinkles or sagging in the material. As you do this, make sure the bodystocking is facing the right direction, as it’s difficult to adjust after. If you’re wearing a crotchless bodystocking, make sure the cutout is positioned in a comfortable position.

The Home Stretch

  • Almost there! Pull the body stocking up to cover your stomach and breasts, and slip your arms through, one at a time. Once you bring the bodystocking up to your neck, your job is done!

Check Yourself Out

  • Take a look at yourself in your sexy lingerie and appreciate your gorgeous self and sexual appeal!

Sexy Bodystocking Styles

Bodystockings don’t all look the same. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You can choose from many different styles and colours for bodystockings - here are a few to start!

Fishnet Bodystocking

A classic pantyhose style, the fishnet is a great style for bodystockings as well. With small cutouts throughout, fishnet bodystockings are sexy and offer a classic look. Try our Fishnet and Eyelash Lace Bodystocking, which offers a deep plunge to add an extra oomph to your look.

Crotchless Bodystocking

If you’re looking for a super sexy bodystocking, you might consider a naughty crotchless bodystocking. These bodystockings offer you the option to either add your favourite pair of undies to your look or… leave yourself fully exposed. ;)

Check out our pink or black Fishnet Long Sleeve Crotchless Bodystocking, which has a flattering scoop neckline.

Open-Cup Bodystocking

Some bodystockings cover your whole body, while others only cover parts of it. An open-cup bodystocking covers part of your legs and torso but leaves your breasts completely (or almost completely) bare.

Check out our Black Open Cup Bodystocking with Halter Ties, made with both floral lace and fishnets.

Bodystockings with Suspenders

Bodystockings with suspenders are super cute, unique, and comfortable options for sexy lingerie. The support from the suspender keeps everything taut and flat, minimizing the chance for wrinkles and sags.

We love our Black Sheer Suspender Bodystocking, designed simply without embellishments, and cutouts on your hips and bum.

Bodystockings as Outerwear

The truth is you can wear most bodystockings as outerwear. Maybe not the open cup ones, though. ;)  Pair any bodystocking with a cute skirt and wear the top as-is for a sexy outfit. Or, pair it with a little sweater to draw less attention to the top and let the thigh stockings pop out from under your skirt.

We love the Elyane Elegant bodystocking, which has such a flattering, lace pattern for your bust. Its intricate design makes it a unique outerwear piece.

Perfect for plus size

Nowadays, there are plenty of erotic outfits and sexy lingerie for plus-sized women. Bodystockings are no exception. There are tons of plus-sized bodystockings, and they are a great piece of lingerie for bigger women.

Bodystockings offer a bit more comfort than the average bra and panties since the material hugs your curves more and lightens the appearance of bulges.

Many bodystockings are one-size-fits-all. But, we know that not all bodies are the same. That’s why we also offer the One-Size Queen option for plus-sized shoppers.

One of our favourite plus size bodystockings is the Plus Size Black Lace Teddy Bodystocking, complete with Thigh High Stockings.

So there you have it. Whether it’s to flatter your body or to create an air of mystery, you can’t go wrong with a seriously sexy body stocking!

Here at Wild Crush we have a selection of sexy lingerie for every kink and curve, take a peek for yourself!