Top 20 Tips for
Beautiful Bridal Lingerie

The day you’ve been dreaming of is finally here, your wedding day! Once you finish putting together the invite list and find the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to think about the passionate moment with your new husband for life!

Finding the perfect lingerie sets for your wedding day is a memorable way to add a bit of spice to your wedding night and treat your lover.

We know wedding planning can be stressful.

That’s why we’re here to walk you through 20 tips to help you choose beautiful bridal lingerie to help alleviate some of the stress!

Let’s take a look at some of the top advice.

Top 20 Tips for Choosing Beautiful Bridal Lingerie | Wild Crush

Photo by Maria Orlova on Unsplash

1. Buy your wedding dress, first

If you’re planning to wear your bridal lingerie under your wedding dress on your special day, do yourself a favour and buy the dress first, not the lingerie! You never know what type of wedding dress you’ll end up choosing for your memorable night.

2. Buy ahead of time

Once you choose the wedding dress of your dreams, the real fun can begin! You’ll want to start scoping out styles that work with your wedding dress ahead of time. This way you have the opportunity to try a few looks and find the one that's right for you.

 Bridal Lingerie Top Tips | Wild Crush

Photo by Ana Maria Moroz from Pexels

3. Stick with light colours

If you’re going the traditional, white gown route, you’ll want to stick with light colours to ensure it can’t be seen under your dress. A soft ivory colour is a classic wedding look that pairs perfectly under a white wedding gown.

4. Choose a neckline that fits your wedding dress

If you choose to wear it under your wedding dress, you’ll need to be choosy with the necklines. Remember: you want your dress to complement your wedding dress, not take away from it.

5. Play with bustiers

A bustier is a great bridal lingerie choice that will hug your curves and flatter your feminine figure on your special day. It’s also a great option that pairs elegantly with strapless gowns.

6. Consider seamless

If your dress is flowy or made out of a silk material that is prone to underwear lines showing on your big day, seamless might be the way to go! Be mindful of the materials you choose. If you aren't a fan of seamless you can always choose a thong as well.

7. Get measured

Buying the wrong bra size can leave you feeling squeezed or uncomfortable. If you take the time to get measured, you can find wedding lingerie that was made for your curves.

8. Try it on with your wedding dress before your wedding

Once you find the bridal lingerie you want to wear, make sure you try it on with your wedding dress to ensure you like the fit and look. You would hate to find out it doesn’t work under your dream dress the day of your wedding.

9. Comfort is key

A lot happens on your wedding day. From the ceremony and first dance to meeting and greeting all of your guests. To ensure you’re cosy in the style of lingerie you choose, you want to make sure you find something that is comfortable. When you’re shopping, pay attention to the fabric and intricate detailing!

10. Find something you’re confident in

You could love the look and feel of the bridal lingerie you choose, but it might not give you that same excitement when you try it on. That’s okay! All of our body shapes and sizes are different. To ensure you have the perfect wedding night, look for lingerie that leaves you feeling confident, sweet, and sexy.

11. Aim for quality

It’s your wedding day and you deserve to have the best of the best to celebrate. To have the best experience, we recommend high-quality bridal lingerie is something you can keep for years to come and ensure you’ll be comfortable.

Aim for quality Bridal Lingerie | Wild Crush


12. Pick wedding lingerie for your shape

Know your body shape, do your research, and find something that was made to flatter your feminine figure. Most brides wear what makes them feel confident in their skin.

13. To wear under your wedding dress or not?

This is completely up to you! If you’re trying to fulfill your dreams of a man pulling off your wedding dress to find a sexy little lingerie dry underneath, then do it! If you want to find a more delicate intricate set to wear, you can always slip it on after the wedding. You’re the bride and you can do what you want on your big night.

To wear lingerie under your wedding dress or not? | Wild Crush

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

14. Don’t be afraid to splurge

You deserve the best of the best. Brides should never be afraid to splurge a little! We are sure you’ll find more uses for it in the bedroom with your future hubby.

15. Garter, please!

Ladies, do yourself a favour. Never forget the garter. You’ll thank us later!



16. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and fabrics

If you’re not wearing your lingerie under your wedding dress, have some fun! Pick something bold and daring to add a bit of spice into your magical night.

17. Consider alterations

This may seem silly but if you’re going to splurge on quality, you might as well make sure it hugs your curves in all the right places. If it’s loose in a few places, definitely take it in for alterations.

18. Have a mini photoshoot

Who says you only get to wear your bridal lingerie one night? Have some fun and give yourself a confidence boost by having a mini lingerie photoshoot before your big day.  Here's our quick guide to your erotic lingerie photoshoot.

DIY guide to your erotic lingerie photoshoot | Wild Crush

19. Create a sexy photo album

Once you have a photo shoot and capture some moments in your bridal lingerie, you can put together a sexy photo album to give as the perfect present on your honeymoon or wedding night.

20. Avoid wedding night worries

The best way to avoid wedding night worries is to take a deep breath, get a good night’s rest, and get ready to have the time of your life! Once you have your dress picked and

an elegant bridal lingerie set planned and picked, the rest will come easy.

Getting Married During the Festive Season?

If you’re getting married during the festive season, you can choose to have a little fun with the colours you pick and the lingerie style. Do an outfit change after your wedding, find a gorgeous satin nightdress or a velvet robe, and find something that fits your holiday flair!



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