The Ultimate Spa
from Home Top Tips

Let's talk about self care. Self care is a must for anyone, no matter who you are. It allows you to feel more connected with yourself and learn how to better handle any stressful situations that come your way. Instead of booking a spa treatment or a facial, consider a homemade spa day instead.

An at home spa day is a must-have for any individual who's feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of the work week or hasn't been able to make time for themselves in a long time. They allow you to feel like yourself again and press the reset button, so you can tackle challenges and hectic days with grace.

Whether you're looking to plan a sexy spa day for your significant other or you're in need of a little extra TLC, you've come to the right place.

We're here to show you how you can do a DIY spa day on your own and start prioritising self-care the right way.

Let's get into it.

Spa from home

Spa care is at the top of our priority list. We believe every individual deserves to pamper themselves and experience what it would be like to have a day at the spa in their very own home.

There are several stress-relieving benefits of cutting out sometime in your day to take a bubble bath, give yourself a facial massage, or simply light a candle so you can relax and unwind. All you need to do is to find 20 minutes in your day to focus on yourself and only you.

To start your spa day from home, you'll want to take deep breaths and try some breathing exercises. Don't feel guilty for taking some time to yourself or putting your priorities on hold, those things can wait! You deserve to have a time to yourself where you can relax and feel at one with yourself. You may not have a sanctuary spa, but you can definitely recreate the feeling of one so you can reap the benefits for yourself. 

How do you do a simple spa day at home?

You don't need to put together an elaborate spa treatment to get the full effect. You can do something as easy as applying sheet face masks, trying out a new body scrub, or adding some essential oils to your essential oil diffuser.

What items do you need for an at-home spa day?

This is completely up to you and what you find relaxing! Some individuals enjoy lighting a candle, and others like an essential oil diffuser. Some would adore an at-home facial, and others are fine with a simple sheet mask and a good book.

How do I turn my home into a spa?

To turn your home into a spa, start by choosing an area you want to relax in for the next 20-30 minutes. We recommend the bathroom. Light some candles, grab some green tea, turn your phone off, do your skincare routine, and allow yourself to focus on yourself and only you for the next 20-30 minutes.

Let the bath run so you can experience the warm steam coming from the water. Consider adding some essential oils to the water or trying out some body scrubs to remove dead skin cells.

What do you need for a spa day at home?

All you really need is a good attitude and love for yourself!

However, if you're looking for a simple spa day you can do at home, all you need to do is grab a face mask, a book, relaxing music, and a bath bomb! If you find this relaxing, you could easily have a spa day every day!

What's included in a spa day?

One thing we always like to include is eye masks. These help you combat pesky dark circles caused by stress and leave you with a glowing complexion. Some are formulated with anti-ageing ingredients like retinol or niacinamide to help combat fine lines and wrinkles as well.

The benefits of a spa day

Spa treatments and spa days don't just feel good. They also have long-lasting benefits for your skin! There are several benefits to prioritising self-care that can keep your skin healthy and hydrated and improve your mental health.

Clean away dead skin cells

Spa days can be beneficial for your skin, too! 

Body scrubs are an exfoliant. They help you remove any unwanted dead skin cells. Doing this helps your skin absorb moisturizer better, allowing it to thoroughly seep deep into the different layers of your skin.

Body scrubs can also help you unclog your pores and prevent ingrown hairs. Keep in mind: using body scrubs every day can aggravate the skin. We recommend only using a body scrub when you're planning a spa treatment at home! That way you give your skin the break it deserves, and you have an excuse to have a relaxing day!

Maintain a youthful glow

Using body oils or hydrating moisture creams can help you keep your skin looking and feeling young! Most are formulated with hydrating ingredients that your skin needs to thrive.

Experience the benefits of Bath salts

There are several reasons you'll want to start adding bath salts to your baths! For one, some of them can help improve your energy levels. The calming scents help you relax your body and mind and relieve any unwanted soreness or stress.

They can also improve your quality of sleep. Which can leave to a happy and healthier lifestyle!


We get it. Life is stressful sometimes! If you don't take some time to yourself once in a while, you'll constantly feel drained and unwilling to do things. Planning an at-home spa day allows you to focus on yourself, unwind, and relax.

How can I make a luxury spa at home?

To create a luxury at-home spa experience, you'll want to plan things you wouldn't normally do for yourself! For treatments, consider gel nails, gel eye masks, and hair masks!

For a luxurious atmosphere, consider rose petals, chocolate-covered strawberries, and eucalyptus essential oil! We recommend investing in a luxury silk robe to get the full effect for yourself! You'll thank us later!

What do you do on a self pamper day?

A self-pamper day is all about doing things you wouldn't normally do for yourself. It doesn't need to be anything too expensive or crazy. Sometimes it can be as easy as buying yourself bath bombs and adding one to your bath at night. If you have dry skin you can incorporate body oil into your beauty routine.

Consider your needs and what you enjoy doing for yourself for the best possible experience!

How do I treat myself to a spa day?

Invest in a comfy or silky robe. Every time you slip that robe on, your body will know it's time to relax and have a little TLC! You can also play with cozy slippers to get the full spa night at home look.

P.S. We have a wonderful collection of silky robes that have the perfect amount of sex appeal! So if you're feeling like having a sensual night in bed after, you'll already look the part.

How can we make a spa environment at home?

Invest in an oil diffuser! With these, you can fill them up with your favourite essential oils, all at home. So you can bask in the heavenly scent during your self-care time and get the full-blown spa experience.

What activities are done in a spa?

Real spas include everything from facials, pedicures, manicures, and massages. Thankfully you can recreate most of these at home with a DIY spa day!

DIY spa day

The good news is: that you don't need to spend tons of money or book a fancy spa to have a good time. You can easily create a DIY spa day for yourself and experience the same benefits. Spa days aren't always about the treatments incorporated. They're also about the experience you have with yourself and learning how to take some time to unwind after a long day. 

What do you need to make a homemade spa?

This depends on what you have planned for yourself! Looking for an enhanced bubble bath experience? invest in some bath salts, a good book, and a face mask!

Looking for more of a home foot spa? Invest in a deluxe foot spa, grab your favourite colour nail polish, and soak your feet until they are soft again!

How do you make spa treatments at home?

If you're looking for particular spa treatments, we recommend a multi-piece manicure kit! This is a great way to treat yourself to a mani from the comfort of your home.

How can a kid make a spa at home?

Teaching kids about self-care at a young age is a great way to help them feel good about themselves and prioritize their well-being. If you're looking for easy home spa ideas to show them the full experience, we recommend a home foot spa! They probably won't be able to control their laughter, and they won't find it as relaxing, but it will be a great experience!

How do you make a homemade spa kit?

If you're looking to make a kit for yourself or for someone in your family, we recommend adding the following:

  • Sheet face masks

  • Body oils

  • Oil Diffuser

  • Jade roller

  • Essential oils

  • Body scrubs

This is just to help you get started! If you're making it for someone you know, you can add in their favourite nail polish.

How do I plan a perfect spa day?

Sometimes the perfect spa day is just applying face masks. Many face masks have hydrating properties that you can't get from other beauty products in your beauty routine. Find one that helps you treat your concerns and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

Even better, also play with a hair mask! Your hair deserves that same love and attention. Hair masks can help you mend split ends and hair growth, restore hydration and leave your hair feeling brand new.

Maybe, once a week you do both at the same time, jump in the bathtub, and enjoy some much-needed alone time. Make sure you put a shower cap over your mask to ensure it doesn't get wet and the mask has time to seep deep into your hair. 

How do you make a homemade spa at home?

No DIY spa night is complete without a scented candle. Scented massage candles smells delicious and help you create an unreal, self-care atmosphere. They provide a soothing scent and stimulate our limbic system, the portion of our brain that is associated with our memory and emotions. That means you can get an extra kick of dopamine and serotonin!

What do you need for a spa night?

You'll want to consider what home spa treatments you want to focus on! If you're suffering from sore muscles, you may want to ask your partner for a gentle massage and grab body oils or a massage candle. 

If you just want to enhance your shower time, run hot water for a while until the bathroom turns spa-like. Then use some shower oil to enhance your senses and get the complete spa night effect. 

Sexy spa day ideas

Planning a spa day for your lover or want them to join in with you? We got you covered. It can be a rewarding experience to find inner peace with your significant other by your side. You two will have an opportunity to connect on a new level and understand your likes and dislikes better.

You also have an opportunity to turn your spa night into a naughty spa night!

How do I make a spa kit?

If you're looking to spice up date night or surprise your lover with a DIY spa day, we recommend a massage candle and body oil! This way, you two can enjoy a sensual massage with one another.

Massages are a great tool that can stimulate blood flow, leave you with super soft skin, and even help alleviate redness associated with skin conditions. Look for massage candles formulated with coconut oil and other hydrating ingredients for the best results. 

How do I give my wife a spa day at home?

If you're looking to plan a sensual spa night experience for your wife, you'll want to start with understanding their wants and desires. Know what they enjoy and know what you can do for them that will help them sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Everyone is different! Always make sure you're listening to your lover's needs and finding ways to accommodate them.

How do I have a spa night with my boyfriend?

Spa Night with your boyfriend can go one of two ways. You can choose to focus on them and only on them! Running a hot bath when they get home and adding some luxury bath salts. You can also plan a sensual massage for your lover with body oil!

Both choices will leave them feeling appreciated and loved by you.

How do I give my man a spa day at home?

Men deserve spa days, too! If you're wanting to give your man a spa day, you'll want to prep yourself for a fun and playful experience. Don't be discouraged if things turn sexual quick... Wild Crush has products that can help with that too... if you know what we mean!

What do you do on a spa day at home?

You sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself! A spa day is all about finding peace with your surroundings and feeling at ease. Whatever helps you relax will be a great addition to a spa day at home.

How Wild Crush can help

At Wild Crush, we have a wide range of bath salts and body products to help you relax with yourself or your significant other. Our collection of items is here to help you reconnect with your lover and experience the sensations of a spa night together. 

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