Spice Up Your Sex Life by
Dressing Up In The Bedroom

It takes time to find that one person you are completely comfortable around (both sexually and in your washed out pyjamas). So, once you’ve found them, it’s likely that you’d do anything to save the relationship when you feel it’s losing its initial spark.

A routine can help people stay mentally healthy and focused, replacing former feelings of anxiety for feelings of relaxed daily predictability. But make no mistake – while routine will bring you peace in life, it will – without a doubt – kill the sexual relationship thrill in its root. So, when you feel you’ve hit the point of no return and your sex life is damper than a squid, it’s time to act and change things!

One of the best ways to bring back the initial spark in your relationship is with a dress-up game. Exploring your partner’s deepest fantasies or just getting in the role of their favourite film character may be the start of this fun and exciting adventure!

Is Your Partner Into It?

The best way to find out if your other half is into dress up is to simply ask them. At the base of all good relationships is healthy communication and if you can’t talk about it, there’s no point in trying to rekindle the passion, anyway. It’s likely that they’ll be up for it, though, because…who wouldn’t!?

The easiest way is to talk about one another’s fantasies and then act out on them. We all have things that turn us on, so why not use them for good. The important thing though is to keep a sympathetic attitude toward whatever your partner reveals. Fantasies are a touchy-feely subject, so make sure you act cool. This way, you’ll help your partner feel safe around you and whatever the fantasy – you both want to be comfortable doing it.

Dressing Up 

When it comes to buying costumes – if you feel uncomfortable entering a store and asking for a particular costume, finding fancy dress costumes online solves it all! At Wild Crush, we have you covered with dress ups and outfits to suit every style, size, fetish and budget. 

But remember that dressing up for sexual benefits isn’t a chore – it’s meant to be fun, pleasurable, interesting and exciting. If one of you doesn’t “know” how to do it then let the other one take the lead for starters. The point of role-playing is to have fun with it and spice things up – not force anyone to do something they do not want to do. Also, remember – role-playing means taking a huge step out of your comfort zone which can take a lot longer for some people to adjust to.

Our Top 3 Dress Up Outfit

  1. Solange Sexy Mini Dress Black

The daringly-cut neckline lets you bring your A-game and gets everyone looking in your direction. The stand-out feature of the dress is the laced upper back section. Ribbons of satin crisscross over your skin, seductively revealing diamond-shaped patches beneath.

  1. Plus Size Three Piece Lace Garter Set

Featuring a bra, garter belt, and thong, this set includes everything you need to strut your stuff and embrace sensuality

  1. Black Stretch Lace Halter Fly-A-Way Babydoll

Beautifully design and matched with a thong and underwire cups tailored to make the very best of your most stunning assets, the nylon blend babydoll uses a sheer fabric to reveal just the right amount to get hearts fluttering, while always teasing a little more. Also available in plus size!

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