Sexy Stockings
for Plus Size Ladies

At Wild Crush, we’re all about looking sexy! We love to play dress up and experiment with new looks. We also believe that there’s absolutely no reason why women of any size can’t wear stockings with confidence. The only thing we advise is that you simply take a few minutes to think carefully about the styles you choose to suit your specific body type. 

This amazing pair of sexy stockings work on every body type due to the pattern and comfortable yet breath taking design - Our Plus Size Black Lace Garter Dress with Stockings is the perfect combination of stockings with garter dress, these fishnet thigh high stockings have a back seam and stay up silicone lace top so they don’t fall down during the act!

Dress for You

To compliment a curvaceous silhouette, opt for darker colours with a simple pattern up the side of the leg or a seam up the back which will slim you down. Your choice of shoes will also make a difference, avoid flats or anything with an ankle strap, and match your shoe colour to the colour of your stockings. Heels are best to give you length and slim your legs. 

But at the end of the day, when it comes to your body and sexual experiences, it’s essential that you dress for you. Of course, you might be dressing up to please your partner, but it’s vital that you’re happy and comfortable with what you’re wearing while getting sexual. 

Stockings, Stockings Everywhere

It’s not necessary to have perfect thighs to wear sexy stockings, but it is usually better to go for a suspender belt rather than hold-ups (which can be okay if the top is fairly deep), as you will get a smoother line, the grip of stay ups could cause an ‘overhang’, but having said that, buying the right size rather than squeezing into a ‘one size fits all’ can eliminate the problem. Women look sexy in a great pair of stockings – plus size or not!

This all in one is a great starting point and means you don’t need to faff about with clips and the likes when all you want to do is get down and dirty! Plus Size Sexy and Delicate Scalloped Lace Garter Belt.

Want something that’s guaranteed to get you laid? What about an all-over stocking? This stunning body stocking will have you and your sexy partners blood pumping in the bedroom. Plus Size Black Fishnet Crotchless Bodystocking.

Wild Crush Has You Covered

Whether you’re looking for a sultry pair of stockings to wow your other half or want to feel sexy and smooth day-to-day, we have you covered. We have stockings for all shapes and sizes and all events whether it be a day at the office or a session in the sheets. 

After all, sexy stockings are flattering to all body shapes, providing a great confidence boost. They make you feel sexy and feminine when you wear them. They are widely considered to be more comfortable to wear than tights, due to the fact they are less restrictive and cooler to wear in hot weather or at the office. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous! Shop our range today!