Sexy Dress
Up Fetishes

Clothes from a huge part of our adult lives, impacting our work, personal life and relationships. But what about in the bedroom? After all, you take clothes off to have sex, right? Well, some people actually prefer to go all out and dress up in sexy attire. 

For many, clothes are a bit of a fetish. This means that certain outfits, costumes, or even individual pieces of clothing are sexually arousing. Certain materials also might be enough for some people to get aroused. The arousal felt from a clothing fetish can manifest in many ways. For some, simply seeing the clothing is enough. Others might touch, stroke or smell it. Some will need to wear it themselves or see someone else wearing it. Whichever way works for someone, the end result is always the same: sexual arousal.

Dress up fetishes can usually be split into two types: those based on a type of garment, and those based on a material, and at Wild Crush, we have a little something for every clothing fetish. So, let’s take a look…

Garment Fetishes

  • Restrictive Clothing

These can take many forms, but all share the idea that they stop someone from moving in the way they normally would.

  • Corsets

Corsets are a favourite among sub and dom relationships. They are used for a number of reasons, sometimes punishment, sometimes pleasure. Check out this beauty - Eve Corset Black

  • Stockings or Long Socks

Stockings can be stimulating either by the feel of the material itself on the legs, or through the removal of the stockings in a sexual way. Check out our range of sexy stockings.

  • Shoes

Certain types of shoes can develop as a fetish, particularly boots, high heels, or old and dirty training shoes.

  • Uniforms

Uniforms have always been a favourite kind of fetish. From nurses and doctors to pirates and soldiers. If there is a uniform worn in a job, chances are someone has a fetish for the outfits. Want to be more dominant in the bedroom? This police uniform is sure to get your other half excited. 

In a nutshell, any type of clothing can become a fetish. All it needs is to cause you or your partner some sexual arousal and great enjoyment. Some will be more common than others, but even if you like something a bit unusual and honest and open conversation with your partner might just convince them to try it. And who knows? You both may have the best sexual experience ever!

Fabric Clothing Fetish

The other popular type of clothing-based fetish is down to the fabric used. Again, this can be basically any type of fabric, as long as it causes sexual arousal. Often the arousal, when caused by fabric, will be experienced through sensual experiences such as touching, feeling and smelling the fabrics. 

Some of the most common fabric fetishes include:

  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Latex
  • PVC
  • Spandex
  • Petplay
  • Animal dress up fetishes

Alongside specific clothing types of materials, a fetish can also develop based on what the clothes make an individual look like. This is particularly true for those who enjoy pet play, which often involves dressing up to look like an animal. Each to their own and all that!

Dress up Events

If you’re really serious about a clothing fetish, you might want to consider one of the many events around the world you can go to. Just like the fetishes, these events can vary from quite tame places to show off, right up to giant orgies. Some events are one-offs, happening only once a year, while others can happen frequently. Some venues are even full-time fetish clubs – the sexual world of dress-up is your oyster! These events can be great fun, as they allow you not only to show off your own fetish clothing but meet others who share your interests. 

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