Seriously Sexy Plus Size Lingerie:
How to Dress Up For Curves

Lingerie is something that should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what their body shape or size. If you're a little more curvaceous than most, there are certain styles that will flatter your perfect peach-shaped booty. And if you’re bustier than the majority of other ladies, there are several types of lingerie that can make you feel sexy and confident.

You should really wear plus size sexy lingerie for many reasons. It can boost your self-confidence and be an act of self-love, which is important as it’s easy to get caught up in overworking and overextending yourself. A pretty plus size bra and panties can help you celebrate your body that does so much for you. We often forget to appreciate our bodies and tend to self-critique. It can also help you get in-tune with your sensuality, acknowledging your sexual side helps build confidence. Lingerie can also be used as a form of self-expression and can be enjoyed by your romantic partner as well.

At Wild Crush Lingerie, we strongly believe that there’s a two-piece set, teddy, or corset and panties that can effortlessly accentuate your curves while giving you a boost of self-confidence. Shopping for plus size lingerie can be a bit overwhelming. To help you on your erotic lingerie journey, we’ve compiled a list of some of the dos and don'ts to keep in-mind.

Don’t doubt your curvaceous self

The idea of strutting around in plus size sexy lingerie can be very scary for some ladies, especially if they don’t feel that their body fits society’s unrealistic expectations. But just because you’re curvier than the fashion models and influencers on Instagram doesn’t mean your body isn’t beautiful. Remember that your curves are sexy as ever.

Instead of focusing on your flaws (everyone has them) focus on the parts of your body that you love and feel proud of. If you love your hips, stop to admire how the piece of lingerie hugs and enhances them. Before showing anyone your new plus size lingerie set, take the time to check yourself out in the mirror. Give yourself a few compliments and avoid negative self-talk at all costs.

Just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed or entitled to wear the same lingerie styles that other people wear. Limiting yourself is a form of self-punishment and you need to realize that you deserve the same joy as everyone else. If you’ve always loved the look of a sexy sumptuous Plus Size Black Peek-A-Boo, then that’s exactly what you treat yourself to.

Do pick pieces that flatter your sexy figure

Similar to shopping for pieces of clothing, you need to keep in-mind what types of cuts and styles suit your body type. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something, it’s always very apparent, which is why you need to find pieces of lingerie that show off the parts you love about yourself. If you love your chest, opt for a sexy bralette and panties set as it will bring attention to your upper body. For those who want to show off their bum, a lace teddy bodystocking will do just that. If you’re looking to show off your chest while providing some coverage to the lower part of your body, a stretch lace and mesh babydoll or a wraparound sheer skirt are great options.

It’s also important to purchase lingerie pieces that are your correct size. The Wild Crush size guide can help you find out exactly what sizes you’ll need to order. If you opt for a size that is smaller than your actual size, the lingerie may cut in and restrict you in certain areas, which can be extremely uncomfortable. For women who are smaller on top and larger on the bottom, or vice versa, consider mixing-and-matching pieces from different collections.

Don’t focus on function

When it comes to erotic lingerie, avoid asking yourself questions like: “where will I wear this?”, “is this practical?”, and “how often will I wear this?”

Lingerie is about feeling sexy and not about how practical each piece is. You really can’t put a price tag on self-confidence so splurge on the plus size lingerie that makes you feel happy. Instead of focusing on the function of it, which might just be taking some sexy boudoir photos on your own, focus on how good it makes you feel. If it makes you feel sexual, sensual, and confident, chances are that you’ll wear it as often as you can.

However, if you’re wanting to wear your new lingerie as much as possible, you can even try wearing it out in public (if it’s not too risky). Wearing corsets or teddys with a pair of high-waisted jeans, heels, and an oversized jacket has become very trendy. The leopard print lace and mesh teddy is perfect for this. You can also throw a button-up top over your new plus size bra or bralette and undo a button or two at the top so just a little bit is peeking out.

Do take risks and be adventurous with styles

Just because your plus size doesn't mean that you need to stick with black pieces that provide decent coverage. When shopping for plus size sexy lingerie, it’s essential to take risks and consider pieces that are fun and unique as it’s a form of self-expression. Lingerie should be fun and you should always buy pieces that bring you excitement, unlike the leggings, hoodies, and jeans that you wear throughout the week. Try to source out plus size lingerie pieces that feature lace, sequins, mesh, bright colours, and maybe even some rhinestones.

If you’ve always loved the look of strappy or bright red lingerie then that’s what you need to order. A red lace teddy is both risky and extremely sexy. When browsing online, if a dominatrix-style bodysuit catches your attention and gives you serious cat woman vibes, do not hesitate and add it to your shopping cart. Plus, order yourself some thigh-high stockings and a cheeky leather whip to use as a prop.

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