Rita Ora killing it in lacy semi sheer lingerie

Rita Ora gave off pure sex aura in a recent photoshoot in which she wore a lacy semi-sheer lingerie with suspenders and silk gown. When she sang “I will never let you down” to her fans, she truly meant it.

The pics say it all, but the popular British artist Rita Ora is simply killing it in this look. The shoot was done in an elegant Parisian hotel suite, though the photo backgrounds are merely that with Ora absolutely wowing the camera.

The lingerie set is a soft lilac colour that comes alive with metallic fabric embellishments. The cup structure is sexy and classy all at once. And let’s be real, the lingerie shorts and suspenders are just gasp. (Yes, gasp is an adjective now.)

Gold fastenings on the lingerie are a perfect tie-in to the smooth, easy bronze-color satin gown that Ora is wearing over the set. The gown’s sleeves and bottom have delicate black lace trim. Even though Ora didn’t reveal any shoulder, she did show off her fit physique.

Rita’s makeup also offered the perfect complement of glam, with just enough hot red on the lips and dark eyebrows. Her hair styling was just messy enough to establish a “just snapping a few casual pics before bed” vibe for the shoot.

“Bang Bang, Breaking News!!” was the caption for the post, and it would be fair to assume that the banging photo shoot was indeed the breaking news. It turns out that she was actually promoting her upcoming Paris concert, Rita Ora Live From The Eiffel Tower, that’s set for September 30th.


“It’s an honor to play in such a legendary venue, and wearing a custom look for Fendi, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Alexander Votier is just a dream. The energy of Paris is the energy of all fans around the world. I can’t wait to deliver it to you. It will be a truly memorable night,” she said in a statement about the event.

Regardless, anyone who isn’t going to the concert still got quite a show from Rita. After all, it’s doubtful she’ll be wearing something as sexy as that sheer lingerie set on stage.

Though, Ora has been serving a few different hot looks this month. In a recent photoshoot for Vogue Australia Ora dawned a pink leather bodysuit that turned heads. It wasn’t nearly as revealing and sensual as her lingerie look — maybe she should have gone with this pink bodystocking instead. Ora also wore a structured, bustier-style navy top for New York Fashion Week that served the public well.

Looking for comps for Rita’s lingerie look? This three-piece garter set offers a similar design on top with lace embellishments. Yes, it will give you the Rita Ora Paris hotel room photoshoot wow-factor. Pair it with this gorgeous transparent chiffon dressing gown to complete the look.

The chiffon dress is also perfect to pair with other clothing and wear as outerwear. Lingerie as outerwear can bring a sexy, sheer look to your fit that you can’t achieve with other pieces.

You can also consider something like this Eyelash Lace Cami Top and Boy Shorts set that is more similar to the booty shorts that Rita is rocking in the shoot. They offer a bit more coverage (so you can wear them out) while still giving you that lacey, sheer look.

Ora has definitely been embracing the sheer trend lately. Last month she wore a sparkling metallic sheer bodysuit on the beach for the music video shoot for the song “Seaside.” She wears it over a thong and semi-wrap around style top. It could be a two-piece suit, but it sure reads like sexy lingerie.

The metallic sheer bodysuit in the music video has a similar fabric and look to this Lurex and Rhinestone Bodysuit. This fishnet bodystocking is another option, though this one’s probably better left to the bedroom than the beach.

Rita also wore a three-piece garter lingerie set in the beginning of her music video for “Bang” with Imanbek that was released at the beginning of the year. Of course, those looks are both set to fit the aesthetic of the video and the feel of the songs.

The most recent photoshoot in Paris feels like more of a casual, earnest look into Rita’s sexy lingerie collection. Which, by the way, is an amazing example of a shoot that anyone can do at home or while traveling to impress on the gram.

You can see from Rita’s shoot that she shows just enough to bring sensuality to the shoot, but leaves enough to the imagination to keep it classy (no exposed shoulders, no buttcheeks). All you need to replicate a shoot like this is a bedroom, a strong light source for the camera (notice the white light cast on Rita’s face), and some luxury lingerie fits. Check out the Wild Crush guide on How to Perfect Your Sexy Selfie!

It will be exciting to see what other erotic lingerie looks Rita dishes out to fans as she continues to tour and serve as host of the Voice Australia, for which she has received massive praise. Needless to say, it’s worth a follow on her Instagram to make sure that you catch all her revealing fits. Until then, follow Wild Crush for your regular fix of luxury lingerie fashion.

It also goes without saying that director boyfriend Taika Waititi, who has been with Rita since March, likely appreciates the lingerie set. After all, the romance has been heating up as of late. It must be the erotic lingerie.

Of the upcoming Paris performance, Rita said: “It will be a memorable performance and a real pinch moment for me.” At the very least she definitely served up a memorable, pinch-me moment to all of her fans with this Parisian photoshoot. It was a true effort of style, grace, fashion, and sex appeal.

For all the music that Rita has ranked high on the charts, this lingerie look definitely ranks high on the list of best celebrity lingerie styles. You earned it Rita.

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