Impress Your Lover
with Sexy Lingerie

Have you got into a bit of a rut with your lingerie? Has your sex life taken a bit of a dip? Well, it’s time to rejuvenate both your sex appeal and the frequency of your sexual encounters! Everybody deserves the thrill of showing off their body adorned with sexy lingerie.

After all, there’s nothing quite as good as the big reveal when you watch their face light up! Let’s explore what Wild Crush has to offer when it comes to some seriously erotic underwear. 

Slutty Lingerie Can Be So Sexy

Trashy or slutty lingerie includes anything from a booby revealing bodysuit to a sneaky set of crotchless panties…and so much more! Let’s face it, you’re going to need crotchless undies when you feel that sexy and dirty because you will be dripping wet! Who needs lube, right?

These types of lingerie styles are best for boosting your confidence as well as your intimate time. If you want to set your sheets on fire, there are lingerie sets that will certainly do that and more! We're talking about lingerie that you'll need to send the kids off to your in-laws as there's no way you can fully enjoy it with anyone with ears around the house as it’s sure to get noisy. 

Check out this absolutely sexy beast of a trashy and crotchless piece of alluring yet sexy lingerie (wow that was a mouthful – but you may already be used to that) - Black Crotchless Lace and Satin TeddyYou can be sure that when wearing this, both you and your partner will cum over and over. 

Gentle and Classy Lingerie 

Ok, so for starters here's the incredibly alluring Black Babydoll with Matching G-String. We've started with this sexy little number because we feel it's the perfect compromise between strappy revealing lingerie and a full covered babydoll. 

This features a design with straps that create an intricate design whilst serving the main purpose of support. This design acts as the main foundation for overall look. On the lower half there is a flowing tulle that is risqué, draping across your body. The see-through material provides a sexy shadow of your curves, making this a very erotic lingerie piece. You will literally look like sex on legs in this classic piece! 

Turn You Both On 

Listen up ladies…and listen close. Sexy, sensual and just pure erotic lingerie, and dress up pieces, aren’t just to please your partner. It’s to be enjoyed and to turn everyone involved on. Why shag naked when you can look your best in lacy, sheer, satin…the list goes on. 

Nipple Jewels, slippery lube to make you both squeal, a toy or two and even some old favourites like cuffs – sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So pick up some of our sexiest pieces at Wild Crush and set your partners mind on fire by looking your very best in the bedroom…