How to Wear Sexy Stockings & Suspenders

You might notice lingerie models wearing sexy stockings with their getups on the billboards. The suspenders clasping the stockings just make the look even more naughty, and you imagine buying a sexy piece like that one day for that special someone.

Stockings and suspenders are a sexy, feminine touch to a piece of lingerie or a regular outfit, and the pair is sure to make you feel confident and beautiful. You can find the perfect stockings for any outfit. We’ll dive into a brief history of hosiery, how to put on stockings, how to wear stockings and suspenders with any outfit, and sexy tights alternatives for the days you don’t fancy stockings.

A Brief History of Hosiery

The very first tights were animal skins and animal hair wrapped around cavemen, then Europeans, to keep warm. Stockings became industrially produced in the 1800s, making them available for everyone. Nylon offered elasticity to the look and was considered a game-changer for the hosiery industry.

Between 1965 and 1980, many different styles of tights and stockings became commonplace, like opaque, warm tights for the winter, or ripped fishnet tights for the rebellious women of the 1970s. Hosiery became a way to smooth the figure, with the introduction of shapewear in the 90s. Clearly, hosiery evolved in the past few centuries to become a vital staple to the fashion industry today.

How to Put On Stockings

Stockings are often made with delicate materials, like lace or nylon. To protect your stockings, you must know how to put them on properly. Follow these steps to seamlessly put on your favourite pair of stockings.

1.    Trim your Fingernails

If you just got a gel nail manicure, the kind where you just can’t stop tapping your nails on the table for the fun sound— you do NOT want to put on a pair of stockings. If your nails are long, you run the risk of tearing the material.

2.    Moisturize Your Legs

For a smoother application, consider moisturizing your legs with some body lotion. You might even consider shaving your legs so that no prickly hairs stick out of the sheer material.

3.    Take Off Any Rings

Rings, like long fingernails, could tear the material of the stockings.

4.    Take a Seat

You’ll be better balanced sitting down while putting on stockings than you would be while standing up. The last thing you need is to lose your balance and rip your stocking in half in the process. Take a seat, either on a chair or on the ground with your legs out in front of you.

5.    Roll Up One Stocking at a Time

Roll down the stocking until you reach the foot area. Slide your foot in while ensuring the seams match up with your foot’s shape. Then, slide the stocking up slowly and gracefully to avoid any tears.

6.    Attach Your Suspender Belt

Also known as a garter belt, your suspender belt is the last thing you will address. Wrap the belt along the smallest part of your waist and use the clips to secure the stockings in place. Most suspenders have a rubber end that goes underneath the highest part of the stocking and can be secured with a clasp.

7.    Check Yourself Out

Whether you’re pairing the stockings with an outfit, or just wearing it alone at home, you will definitely feel a bit sexier than you did before putting them on!

How to Pair Stockings with Lingerie

The great thing about stockings is that they are incredibly versatile as lingerie. You can pair them with almost any type of bra or panty and still look amazing. Here are a couple of tips for pairing stockings with lingerie, and ideas for sexy stockings:

1.    Don’t Clash

If your stockings have an intricate design, you might consider opting to pair them with a more simple bra or underwear style.

2.    Don’t Worry About Colours

If your stockings are black, they match literally any piece of lingerie. A red bra-and-panty set will look amazing with black sheer stockings.

3.    Lose Your Inhibitions

When wearing stockings to the office, you might be more modest in your choice of suspenders. When wearing stockings with lingerie, you don’t need to worry about modesty. Have fun with it and pick a sexy suspender to complete your lingerie look.

If you’re a curvy girl, look no further than these plus size hold-up stockings. With a subtle and hold up lace trim, you can pair these with any outfit and not worry about including a suspender belt.

If you want a more intricate pattern, these fishnet, thigh-high stockings pair nicely with its accompanying lace bodysuit.

How to Wear Stockings with Dresses

You might think that stockings are limited to the bedroom, but that’s simply not true. You can pair stockings with dresses, whether you’re going to a date night, office, or a casual lunch.

Stockings might be a better alternative to tights for these occasions if it’s warmer out, or if you simply want to feel less restricted. They’re also a great way to add a sexy touch to your outfit, even if it’s a subtle touch for the office.

To wear stockings with dresses, make sure you dress for your comfort and occasion. Don’t wear a thick, conspicuous suspender if you want to look more modest. Choose a thinner garter or higher stocking if you want to draw less attention to your legs. Or, you can opt for a shorter skirt or dress to show off your stockings.

What are Pantyhose?

Pantyhose are sheer hosiery that covers your legs in nylon from feet to waist. You might confuse them with tights because technically, the pantyhose meaning classifies the piece as tights. The main difference is that there are usually more types of material and transparency offered by different tights than just for pantyhose.

What’s the Difference Between Stockings and Tights?

As much as we love stockings, we know that they’re not the perfect accessory for every occasion (at least, not for everybody). Before we get into different occasions for stockings and tights, let’s iron out the similarities and main differences between the two.

Stockings come up to your mid-thigh or knee and will leave at least a portion of your legs bare if your clothing doesn’t cover them. Many stockings are worn with a suspender belt to keep them from falling down, but some stockings stay up on their own. While most sexy stockings are sheer, some have opaque material, as well as different designs and patterns.

Tights cover your entire legs, from your waist to your toes. There’s no need to wear a suspender with tights, as they stay up around your waist. Some tights are sheer, but there are usually more modest, opaque, and warm options for tights than there are for stockings. Many women choose to wear black tights, or a dress with tights when going to work. Women in tights can look fabulous for any occasion, whether they’re wearing fishnet tights, opaque tights, patterned tights, or even crotchless tights! Some tights even have cutouts at the feet, which offer a bit more versatility for outfits.

When to Wear Stockings or Tights

Your personal preference, mood, outfit, and occasion will usually dictate which hosiery you choose. That being said, you might prefer one so much that the weather, your mood, or your outfit don’t really matter. Generally though, here are some scenarios and suggestions for whether tights or stockings are the better choice.

When to Wear Tights

  • It’s cold out
  • You want something that will match any outfit
  • You want to flatter your figure and hide your jiggly bits (PS - there are many types of plus size tights).
  • You want to hide your moles, cellulite, body hair, and other imperfections

When to Wear Stockings

  • You want a confidence boost
  • You want to feel sexy, feminine, or naughty
  • You want to feel less restrictive
  • You don’t mind spending more time in the loo (if you wear suspenders)
  • You have a specific outfit that you think stockings will complement

Sexy Tights Ideas for When You Don’t Fancy Stockings

Not feeling the stockings today? No worries at all—we know that they’re not the everyday choice for everyone. Luckily, there are some great tights for women that will make you feel sexy for any occasion.

These black lace-up tights are raunchy and just ooze sex appeal. With sexy cutouts, you can feel naughty without having to bear your entire thighs. Warning: don’t wear these to the office!

If you want an elegant look, these sexy ballerina tights have traditional nylon material, with a classic seam running on the back of your legs. You can wear these in the bedroom or office underneath a simple dress.

Finally, our Hush Hush stripy tights have a traditional look on the lower legs and a sexy, strappy finish on the upper thigh and hip area. They’re versatile in the way that the sexiest parts are above the mid-thigh, making it a naughty secret that only you know about when wearing it in public.

Can you Wear Suspenders Without Tights or Stockings?

Certainly! You don’t need a pair of tights to go with suspenders. However, you might prefer to wear your suspenders with stockings. If you want to wear suspenders by themselves, either in the bedroom or under an outfit to feel naughty, by all means, go ahead!

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Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash