How to perfect your sexy selfie

Sexy selfies may look effortless, but the truth is they take a lot of time, effort, and planning. If you’re looking to get into the sexy selfie game, you’re going to need patience and perseverance. Luckily, the payoff for getting the perfect shot is well worth the effort.

Whether you’re sending photos to a significant other or looking to wow an online audience, perfecting your sexy selfie is a great way to build confidence and interest.

Today we’re going to take a look at the art of the sexy selfie. How to set up your shot, what to wear, and how to pose. Let’s dive in.


The first step to any successful sexy selfie is the setup. Your lighting, environment, and equipment should all be on point. Let’s dive into each in depth.

Lighting can make or break a photo and that includes selfies.

The most ideal lighting conditions for natural-looking photography are what’s called the “golden hours”. These are natural times of day when the sun is low on the horizon, providing just enough light to warm the scene but not enough to wash your subject (you) out.

When setting up for the golden hour, position yourself next to a full, bright window and use the natural light to infuse your scene.

If you don’t have access to a bright window (and don’t feel like going full exhibitionist outside) then you can jimmy up your own golden hour with a couple of low-light lamps and a bright wall. Simply face the lamps at the wall to diffuse the light and start shooting. Try out different angles and setups to make sure any shadows aren’t ruining your scene.

If you want to go full professional you can look into buying a ring light kit or even a full shoot kit. These are designed to light you clearly and in the most flattering way possible.

 first step to any successful sexy selfie is setup | Wild Crush

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Declutter your background

We’ve all been guilty of the messy bedroom selfie, but the truth is, clutter or mess will take away from your subject: you. Before you whip out your camera, spend some time cleaning up the space you’re going to be shooting in.

Pay attention to composition and setup – will the line of your lamp draw the eye away from your focal point? Can you position yourself so your window haloes your head rather than awkwardly framing it?

If your environment is beyond hope, or you don’t have time for a full clean, compose your selfie accordingly. Maybe opt for a three-quarter shot that cuts the clutter from the frame and focuses more closely on one of your sexiest features.

Declutter your background for the perfect sexy selfie | Wild Crush

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Use the right equipment

No, you don’t have to buy a DSLR camera to perfect your sexy selfie. That said, simply whipping out your phone and turning on the front-facing camera is going to yield you poor results.

Most phone cameras are quite powerful these days, but that power is focused on the forward-facing camera. The front-facing camera is a pittance in comparison. When taking a sexy selfie, you want to be using your forward-facing camera. As you might imagine, this can be a bit of a pain when it comes to composing your shot. This is where the extra equipment comes in.

You should always make use of a tripod when shooting your sexy selfies. This will keep your phone steady and ensure you’re better able to frame the shot. From there you can use your camera’s timer to give you enough time to get in position – simply set it for 10 seconds and assume the position you’re aiming to capture.

We’re not going to lie, this can take a bit of work and practice to get right. You’re likely to take dozens of photos just to find one you’re happy with.

If you’re not a fan of the timer method, you can always invest in a camera clicker. These little devices are designed to remotely set off your camera when you click the remote. They can come in super handy when taking sexy selfies.


Sexy selfies are often as much about what you don’t show as what you do. This isn’t to say you can’t opt for a sexy nude but sometimes it can pay to dress up (or down) a little.

Here’re some ideas to do just that.

Erotic lingerie

The staple of any classy, sexy selfie: sexy lingerie. The right lingerie won’t just elevate your selfie game, it’ll also make you feel as good as you look. And that confidence will shine through in your photograph.

When choosing lingerie sets, consider your angles. If you’re wearing garters, there’s little point hiding them with a three-quarter shot of your torso.

Let the lingerie inform your photography choices. Are you opting for a hot pair of crotchless panties? Tease them accordingly. Wearing a high-waisted thong? Highlight that part of your body and let the lingerie do its job of making you look hot.

Erotic Lingerie to Perfect Your sexy Selfie | Wild Crush

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Fantasy outfits

There’s nothing like a good fantasy. Whether you’re a naughty secretary in crotchless panties or the hot teacher who accidentally wore white on a rainy day, leveraging these tried and true tropes can take your selfie game to the next level.

If you’re sending your selfies to someone in particular, it can be worth your while to do a little homework. Ask them what their kinks are – what gets them hot. Are they into accidental exhibitionism? Maybe opt for an everyday outfit with a hint of bra showing through. Do they have a foot fetish? Opt for open-toe heels or revealing sexy stockings.

See-through lingerie

There’s a power in showing without showing. Drape yourself in a sheer lingerie babydoll and play with your angles. This is where clever uses of lighting can come in handy too. Try different lighting angles and see what it does to the sheerness of your outfit.

Do you prefer a back-lit silhouette? Maybe you can get a neat effect through folds in your lingerie set. Either way, see-through lingerie is a great way to spice up a sexy selfie.

How to pose for a sexy selfie | Wild Crush

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The (nearly) nude

This one will work no matter what you’ve chosen to wear. It basically involves photographing a virtual striptease of your outfit, clicking a series of selfies as you peel back your layers of clothing.

This strategy works best with a full outfit and some killer lingerie underneath. You want your audience to think they’re opening a present with each new photograph. For extra pop, opt for contrasting colours. Say you’re wearing a black business outfit – opt for some scarlet lingerie or brightly coloured underwear. As you strip, the colour combination will tease a playful fantasy as well.


Makeup is a personal choice but can be just the thing to take your look from zero to hero when it comes to sexy selfies. There are a few makeup tips that take the cake when it comes to prepping your selfie look:

Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder than you otherwise would for daily wear. The camera will soften any makeup look so it’s important to pop a little harder than you would day-to-day.

Use highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, forehead, and centre of your chin. This will catch the light and make your face more dynamic.

Use contour under your jaw, along your hairline, under your cheekbones, and beneath your lower lip. This will help to sculpt your face and give your skin more depth.

Try to avoid makeup that will make you look too light and washed out. The camera isn’t forgiving when it comes to paleness in sexy selfies. You’ll also want to make sure your makeup isn’t going to reflect badly in the flash (if using one) or the lighting you have set up.

Opt for matte or semi-matte foundation or use powder to set your foundation – this will help prevent shine from showing up in your final product.

A light water spritz can help freshen up your hair or skin if it’s looking a bit too dry. Conversely, dry shampoo will help soak up any excess oil in your hair.


Posing can be tricky, particularly when it comes to sexy shoots. There’s a reason models make so much money! You need to learn your angles, your best positions, and perfect your posture. Here’s a quick rundown on everything you need to perfect your pose game.

Choose your angles

There are many ways to take a sexy selfie that can boost your confidence and make your audience drool. Angles are essential. A straight-on sexy selfie is possible, but also a bit dull and lifeless.

Experiment with different angles of the camera. Take some photos from above or below, from the side or the back. You could even take a photo from behind yourself as you look in a mirror. A mirror can actually be a great prop for capturing more angles to work with.

Even the most beautiful woman can look awkward when employing the wrong pose. Think of those dreaded double-chin photos! To avoid these issues, aim to take your shot from your eyeline or above. This will also allow you to show off your chest and waist. Just don’t go too high with your camera or you’ll end up looking squat.

Don’t be hesitant about closeups, either. The angle of your chest or the swell of your hip with lace laying against your bare skin can make for an amazing shot, even if your face isn’t in the photo.

How to pose for a sexy selfie | Wild Crush

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Try different positions

A forced selfie is an unsexy selfie, so it’s essential you get your positioning down right. You don’t want to contort yourself into a pretzel only to end up with a final product that screams: HELP ME.

When it comes to positioning yourself, you want to feel comfortable and confident. Here are a few beginner poses to get you going:

The red carpet: The traditional red carpet pose will involve placing one hand on your hip, turning your body away from your camera, and looking back over your shoulder. This is a classic for a reason and will be sure to flatter both your body and your face.

Lie on your belly: For this pose you lay on your belly on your bed with your feet kicked up behind you. It’s sexy, playful, and fun – and flatters your chest as a bonus!

Lie on your back: This one can take a bit of fiddling to get the angles right, but once done can make for an incredible sexy selfie. Simply lay back and kick your heels up against a wall to elongate your legs. You can splay your hair out around your head or—for some extra dynamism—bend your neck over the edge of your bed and give the camera a cheeky upside-down smile.


Good posture is essential when taking any sort of photo, but particularly a sexy selfie. To improve your posture, imagine you’re squeezing something between your shoulder blades. This will pull your shoulders back and push your chest out. If you’re aiming for a bolder pose, you can even arch your back seductively.

If you’re worried about your tummy, you can bend your leg slightly to hide it. This is also a great way to show off your feet or shoes – pulling your knees to your chest will make your feet and ankles the focus of your shot.

If standing, it’s a good idea to reach toward your shoulders to pull your arms away from your torso and create definition. You could also play with your hair or lightly touch your face.

Perfect your sexy selfie

Sexy selfies are an art form and well worth the time and effort that goes into their creation. With the right setup, fashion sense, and pose knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own killer sexy selfie.

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash