How to Give a
Seriously Sexy Massage

When you're preparing for a sexy massage for your lover you need to make sure that you're both in the right mood. Being relaxed and confident will make all the difference for your naughty adventure. Your attitude needs to be playful and you need to be willing to let loose and take a risk. Let your lover know that you want to make this special occasion extra special just for him or her and you'll be surprised at how much they'll enjoy it! Another great advantage of an erotic massage is that it's a great way to enjoy foreplay. You can use foreplay techniques to create sexual tension which we all know leads to a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Creating the right ambiance and setting the mood for your sexy massage is absolutely the right place to start.  There are many ways you can do this. Why not dim those lights and play some sexy tunes to get you both in the mood. Fill your room with gorgeously scented candles full of essential oils that fill the air with exotic smells that will relax both you and your lover. You can use the Lelo hybrid candles that double up by burning their into a sensual massage oil to slide all over your partner's beautiful body; you can choose from the Black Pepper & Pomegranate, Snow Pear And Cedarwood and finally the very delicious Lelo Vanilla And Creme De Cacao Massage Candle

When you think about where to massage your partner, remember that you want to stimulate those sweet spots. Sensitive spots are often located around the breast and bum and a sensual massage can really target these areas. So what are these sensitive spots? Around the breasts, behind the ears, under the arms, and in the pubic area. Be brave, be bold, be confident, use your voice while performing the massage strokes, talk a little dirty into your lovers ear, tell them an erotic story or just whisper and blow on area that are uber sensitive to get those butterfly fluttering! The act of massage is not just about the massage itself, it can be a whole body experience for both of you.

Picking your Massage Oils

The next tip is to choose the right kind of massage oil. When picking  a massage oil, it would be best to pick ones that have a natural scent since these are the oils that are most often used by masseurs and masseuses in giving massages. These oils are usually scented with flowers, vanilla, and other sweet-smelling scents. However, a common choice of scent is a combination of rose, jasmine, coconut, peach, and caramel. You can also use silicone lube as well, they work best for these types of massages because it holds the heat longer. Both lube and silicone lube will work for most people but the type you choose is going to depend on the individual. Some people like harder oils, and some like softer oils. Finding out what rub is most comfortable for your lover is essential when giving them a sexy massage. Uberlube is the perfect silicone lube in fact according to Uberlube 'Feeling is everything' and we totally agree. Uberlube was created with sex in mind, indulgent and delightful this gorgeous looking lube makes sex better for everyone by reducing friction, not sensation. Amazingly this multi-use lube is also famed for taming frizz and conditioning ends of your hair!

Last but not least, you need to know when to stop. Massage strokes should not go on for too long so listen to your lover. When you start feeling comfortable with your massage stroke, then you can slowly begin to withdraw your hands and your attention from your partner's body. This simple advice will ensure that you enjoy your time as well as giving your partner the most pleasurable massage they have ever experienced.

Homemade Massage Oil

Another great way to make this a delicious and luxurious experience is by making your own massage oil. By combining coconut oil with almond oil or any other healthy oils. You can add a little honey to the mixture for a sweet taste and also experiment with adding different scents to give it a nice aroma. The scents that you choose will depend on what you like. If you are trying to relax, then you may want to use lavender or chamomile. For aching muscles some great products for rubbing these areas include grapeseed oil, lavender oil, olive oil, peppermint oil and aloe vera oil. Experiment with different ingredients to see which one brings out the best results for you. Also remember that your body has a natural response to the ingredients and some people don't respond well to certain ingredients. So even if a product works wonderfully on your friend, it may not be as effective on your body type.

When using essential oils for massage, it is important that you follow safe practices so you avoid any adverse reaction or allergic reaction. In fact, the safest and most effective massage oil is hemp oil. This natural oil is very gentle to your muscles and it is also very effective in stimulating the muscles. Try experimenting with different essential oils to see which ones you prefer.

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Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash