Erotic Lingerie Colours
to Suit Your Mood

Have you ever wondered why a pink lingerie set often makes you feel feminine and romantic, whereas the same lingerie set in red makes you feel sexy and powerful? Or perhaps you have wondered why you are drawn to a certain colour over another. Is it because that colour unlocks memories of an amazing and unforgettable experience you had? Or maybe you had a favourite childhood toy in that colour that brings you a sense of calm and comfort.

Colours are symbolic and are so subconsciously influential that they can change your mood without you even realizing it. This is why they are scientifically used in many applications to trigger certain feelings or reactions, from art and graphic design, to marketing and product design. Even the colour of your lingerie choices can affect how you feel when wearing them.

Want to uplift your mood in a fun and sexy way? Wear any of these lingerie sets in your favourite colours for that subconscious boost to your mind.

Black Lingerie

Black is generally the most popular lingerie colour because it is timeless, classic, sophisticated, and alluring. This colour often symbolizes mystery, elegance, power, and sexuality. Being a strong neutral colour, it will seamlessly compliment every outfit and occasion. Plus, can we not agree that black looks good on everyone!

Need some inspiration? These Hush Hush Stripy Tights are perfect for the office and provide a nice surprise for the evening. The classic black colour will elegantly compliment any outfit to show off your amazing legs, and the sexy design on your hips and thighs will make you feel erotic and beautiful.

Looking for something a little more mysterious and sensual? Our Black Bodysuit with Removable Harness does just that! The materials of this bodysuit have a wet-look finish, and the removable and adjustable body harness can play to your preferred level of kink.

Black Bodysuit with Removable Harness | Wild Crush

Red Lingerie

Red is also a very popular lingerie colour, and for obvious reasons! This colour often symbolizes feelings of passion, love, temptation, intensity, desire, and confidence. It can also imply that something is dangerous or striking because red is such a bold colour that grabs your attention.

Some studies have even claimed that men are subconsciously more attracted to women wearing red. However, don’t take this fully to heart. There are some men out there that really don’t care for the colour red, which comes back to how people can have their own feelings and preferences towards specific colours.

Are you looking for a rich and dark red piece of lingerie that screams passion? This Red Sheer Babydoll with Lace Trim is perfect for you! This piece is stunning and still leaves a bit to your partner’s imagination.

Red Sheer Babydoll with Lace Trim | Wild Crush

Or maybe you’re wanting something that makes you feel a bit more dangerous? These Racy Red Plus Size Hold Ups are super sexy stockings that will make your BBW legs and thighs even more delicious!

Pink Lingerie

Pink, being a lighter hue of red, can also symbolize feelings of love and romance, but in a more caring and tender way as compared to the fiery intensity of the colour red. Lighter shades of pink are generally seen as playful and feminine, whereas darker shades of pink are generally seen as being full of energy. Pink is also a very fun and youthful colour.

Want to feel feminine, romantic, and seductive? Check out our Pink Stretch Lace Underwire Bralette Set. You can also compliment the set with the stockings of your choosing using the adjustable garters. 

Pink Stretch Lace Underwire Bralette Set | Wild Crush

Our Delicate Flower Print Two Piece Lingerie Set is also playful and feminine, and a great every day lingerie set for your wardrobe.

Delicate Flower Print Two Piece Lingerie Set | Wild Crush

Blue Lingerie

Blue often symbolizes feelings of calm and peacefulness. Darker shades of blue traditionally symbolize happiness or strength, while brighter shades of blue can symbolize being energized and refreshed.

You may also think of blue things as being serene, soft, airy, and flowy. This Midnight Stretch Lace & Mesh Babydoll is light and airy, just like the clouds and the ocean.

But just because blue usually evokes feelings of calm doesn’t mean that you can’t find racy lingerie numbers in this colour. Our Electric Blue Floral Lace Teddy & Robe has a plunging neckline and naughty thong which can be a nice surprise for your partner once you remove the sultry robe.

Electric Blue Floral Lace Teddy & Robe | Wild Crush

White Lingerie

Another popular lingerie colour, white often symbolizes feelings of purity, innocence, and “being good”. As another neutral colour, white is viewed as being clean, simple, and almost perfect as it will also compliment every outfit and occasion. White can make you feel fresh, vibrant, angelic, and classic.

Oftentimes white is chosen by brides for their wedding day. Our Elegant Dressing Gown with Lace Cuffs and Matching Thong is the perfect dressing gown to keep you feeling bright as you get ready for your big day.

But don’t be fooled and think white always need to angelic. Bring out your devilish side with this Erotic High Waist Brief & Bra Dotty Set. The high-waisted design, the mesh materials, and the dog-collar detailing are both appealing and shocking.

Purple Lingerie

The colour purple often symbolizes feelings of creativity, luxury, grace, elegance, and magical energy. Historically the colour purple was difficult and expensive to create, so this colour is also associated with royalty and wealth.

Our Bandeau Eggplant Bra & G-String is a stunning shade of a purple with an erotic strappy style. The high-waist style also provides a beautiful silhouette.

Bandeau Eggplant Bra & G-String | Wild Crush

For a graceful and elegant piece, consider our Lilly Lavender Open Back Romper. The eyelash lace trim is dainty and delicate, while the satin ribbon tie closure and high-leg cut gives you a luxurious feeling.

Not only do the colours of your lingerie affect your mood, the style and fabrics of your lingerie can affect how you feel as well.

Regardless of which colour you choose, always choose the colour and style of erotic lingerie that makes you feel amazing!

At Wild Crush we have an incredible selection of sexy styles and sizes to fit every kink and curve for every mood.