Dakota Johnson Rocks
a Jumpsuit Over Sheer Lingerie

Dakota Johnson absolutely stunned at her appearance at the Gucci Aria fashion event, wowing with an imaginative sheer look that left little to the imagination.

Johnson dawned a hot pink sequin Gucci cardigan over a sheer jumpsuit and GG Tulle underwear. One would think that the hot pink sequin top would steal the show, but the presence of a breathtaking sheer jumpsuit — refined with its floral embroidery — just straight-up snatched the spotlight away for the fashion win.

Needless to say, this look has everyone turning their heads for a long list of reasons. Not only because it was, ahem, revealing, but even more so because of the combination of patterns, fabrics, and styles. As we all know, sheer lingerie and underwear as outerwear is finally having their huge moment in fashion. There is a lot we can learn from Ms. Johnson’s lesson on how to absolutely kill it in sheer lingerie, on the red carpet or at the club. Get your composition notebooks ready.

Dakota Johnson in Sheer Lingerie Red Carpet Look | Wild Crush

While the sequin top was front of the line of early 2000s fashion revival, the underlying sheer jumpsuit and lingerie offered a delicate, sexy vibe underneath. Worn on their own, they may be more reminiscent of the aesthetic of a Jane Austen story, like Persuasion, in which Johnson was recently cast for the Netflix revival.

Of course, refined doesn’t mean dated, as the jumpsuit and lingerie are anything but. After all, it is Gucci. The lingerie was designed to exude a sense of “freedom” and “self-determination” iconic of modern-day women. That is exactly why sheer lingerie is one of the hottest styles right now. Certainly, Johnson put these ideals on full display with her confident, daring, and ultimately wowing outfit.

Johnson’s look was put together by New York stylist Kate Young, who also dresses the likes of Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Sienna Miller, Nina Dobrev, and Sophie Turner. This, though, might be Young’s most daring work yet. The jumpsuit isn’t available to the public, but this black lace teddy and sheer skirt is a good comp to create a similar look with.

There are countless fabulous ways that you can put together your own sheer look, both for those intimate moments at home and to add some serious wow and sexiness to your going-out fit. Throw a pair of jeans and a cropped jacket over this V String Black Lace Lingerie Bodysuit to create an easy yet eye-catching look on a night out.

Wearing a bralette or bustier as a top is in full fashion right now, too. We love this Black Slashed Top as a look for the club. This Dreamgirl Black Bustier has the perfect balance of lace and sheer, also providing support in all the right places to have you leaving your bust impression.

Johnson broke out her sheer lingerie look for one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world, Gucci. She was attending a Gucci fashion event marking the beginning of its new Beloved Late-Night campaign. The campaign is a fashion twist on late-night talk shows, where James Cordon hosts fashionable Gucci handbags along with celebrity guests and campaign poster children Awkwafina, Dakota Johnson, Diane Keaton, Sienna Miller, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams.

If Johnson’s see through lingerie outfit is a pulse on the kind of ratings the campaign is going to receive, then the critics will be raving. One thing that’s for sure is it’s definitely a pulse on the use of lingerie as a high-fashion piece. Major fashion outlets and fans alike gasped at the look in the best of ways. It gave off empowered and sexy vibes all in one pose. After all, we love to see a celeb absolutely slay in a hot, trendy look.

The outfit is part of a growing trend of celebrity lingerie styles, including more from Johnson herself. In a cameo of a newly released trailer for the movie The Nowhere Inn, Johnson once again rocks a very spicy lingerie set, this time in black. 

Celebs Wearing Lingerie, Bras and Underwear in Public: Photos

As we all know, see-through lingerie is not just for the bedroom anymore. It’s been a style that everyone wants to wear this year. Not only is sheer lingerie so fashionable, it also allows you to truly accentuate your figure. Choose looks that support your cleavage in attractive ways while providing just the right amount of coverage. Sheer lets you create anticipation, add drama and sex appeal to your look, and accentuate your positive assets. Believe it or not, there’s a sheer look for every body type, just follow types on how to dress up for curves to get you started on your looks.

Wearing lingerie robes and kimonos as a delicate yet sensual addition to an outfit has become a hot trend. You don’t have to go as sheer as Johnson did to add the sexiness of lingerie to a look, but you certainly can if you want. Trust yourself to be bold and choose a fit that works for you and your body.

As shown from Johnson’s fit at the Gucci event, lingerie as outerwear can have just the right amount of promiscuousness while still being high-end and classy, and you don’t need your own celebrity stylist to achieve the hot look. Check out the Wild Crush blog for help on how to put together and fit your lingerie look, as well as all the latest on lingerie fashion.

This isn’t the last time you’ll see Dakota and other celebs in a lingerie fit. Johnson also flaunted a dazzling sheer gown to the recent Venice Film Festival, making it very clear that sheer and sexy are here to stay right now. Done right, it’s both flirtatious and elegant. After all, if you’re going to get the attention of being on the red carpet, why not keep it?

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