Buying Lingerie
for Your Girl

If you’re going to the effort of treating your lover, it’s essential to take the time to find something that they will love (not just what you want to see them in) and that will compliment their gorgeous figure. 

We jest, of course, but if you’re going to the effort of treating your lady, it’s essential to take the time to find something that she’ll love (not just what you want to see her in) and that will compliment her gorgeous figure. 

Before you get started, there are some basic steps you must take, let’s take a look at how to impress your girl with the right lingerie. 

1. Get her size right

If there is one rule when buying lingerie, it’s to get her size right. If you buy something too small, she will know you didn’t do your homework (but she may be flattered). However, if you buy something too big, you’re in deep trouble. This might make her think that you see her bigger than what she really is. And his is a HUGE no-no. First and foremost, check her existing collection of lingerie and underwear and find out her size from there. Secondly, avoid buying lingerie that comes in S, M or L as you want to buy items that will specifically suit her body type.

2. Get her style right

If your girl loves cutesy pinks with flowers, buying her a red leather corset may not be something that she’ll appreciate, like or even wear. Her style is vital and it’s not about what you would love to see her in. It’s about buying something she’ll like and feel sexy in. It’ll earn you huge brownie points! Finding her the perfect set she will love to show off to you can be one of the best investments a man can make, so take your time and do it wisely.

3. Wrap it right 

What’s the point in going to all that effort, research and work and you don’t dress the lingerie up like it deserves? There’s not much point in that at all. Some lingerie shops offer beautiful wrapping services so either invest in that or do it yourself. If you’re not confident in your wrapping skills, there are businesses out there that can do it for you. 

4. Buying for Her Shape

Every single one of us come in different shapes and sizes, so you need to understand the body shape of your girl before setting off on that shopping expedition. Let’s look at the different shapes below…

a) Tall and slim

Garter belts look great on tall women because they accentuate the impression that their legs run up to their armpits. These belts draw attention to length by cutting the body horizontally, which also draws the eye to curves. They usually come in black or red, but if you can find something in a beautiful, rich colour, go for it. Anything that has a horizontal line across the belly (like a corset or garter) works for tall ladies because it draws attention to curves if they are a little straight-edged.

Garters are a staple of sexy lingerie and it is reasonably hard to go wrong here. Just remember to ask the retailer what comes with the set, as you may need to buy stockings, matching underwear and possibly a bra to complete it. To make things easier, put the sales assistant to good use: She is your new best friend, unless, of course, you happen to have exquisite taste in female underwear. 

Our Roza Cyria Suspender Belt would be an ideal option for this body type. 

b) Voluptuous and big busted 

A corset supports the bust and brings out great cleavage in a very tasty manner, all while enhancing the small curve of the waist and flattening the stomach. Corsets are fantastically sexy in so many ways; it is hard to go wrong in your choice. Make sure to buy good quality because a badly made corset won’t make it past the first try-on. They are extremely complex and need to be done up tightly, so any shoddy workmanship will be visible very quickly. 

Our very Plus Size Babydoll With Uneven Hem & Thong will make your voluptuous girl look popping hot. 

c) Curvy and round

A sexy little negligee suits more voluptuous women and hides a multitude of sins. A baby doll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or butt, and she can feel at ease knowing she still looks beautiful showing off her other assets. Dark colours are more slimming, so don’t go for white or anything too see-through. 

This soft and lacy piece will be perfect for your curvy girl. Plus Size Mulberry Lace Babydoll Skirt and Thong Set.

d) Athletic or slim

Sexy boy shorts (aka booty shorts) add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. Booty shorts come in all types of fabrics and styles, and they can be worn on their own or with other accessories like a bra, a garter or a corset. These really don’t need anything else, as they are perfectly lovely on their own. They are lovely for showing off a nice, as they draw all the attention there due to their horizontal lines and broad cut.

Our sexy and cute Roza Ellba Soft Lace Black Boxer are an ideal pair to ensure your girls beautiful behind can be enjoyed.