Black Stockings Seduction

Let's be honest: no outfit is complete without a pair of sexy stockings. They are the perfect complement to just about any style. When paired correctly, they can help you get the right amount of sex appeal: so you can dominate in and outside of the bedroom. 

What more could you ask for from a sensual accessory? The minute you put any pair on, the real power of seduction will be in your hands. 

If you haven't tried on black stockings with your lingerie looks, you won't believe how they can easily elevate just about any lingerie style you wear.  

Don't believe us? The only way to find out is to try them on!

That's why we're here to give you advice so you can find exactly what you need to elevate your erotic looks.

Styling black stockings

If you've ever slipped on something sexy for your lover and thought something was missing, it was probably stockings. We like to think of stockings as a necessity every woman needs in their closet.

We can't name one thing that doesn't go with black stockings. This incredibly versatile accessory creates a more refined, finished look and helps add emphasis to your long, sexy legs. The best part is: you can dress them to fit your every fantasy!  

Don't worry: they aren't all just for sensual looks: the right stockings can also provide you with incredible comfort and a sleek finish that will complement your overall aesthetic and leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin.

The best part is: there are a ton of styles, patterns, and materials to choose from. So you never need to get bored with a certain look and can keep things interesting in between the sheets. 

Some have a back seam and some have a more distinguished feel. We personally recommend filling your closet full of all different kinds, so you have plenty to choose from when you're in the mood!

You may be wondering: do black stockings really have the power to take any sensual style to the next level? Yes! If you're going to get all dressed up for the bedroom, you might as well go all out and have a complete look. Whether you want something sensual and sexy: or erotic and wild: the right stockings have you covered.

Choosing a style that complements your mood

If you're feeling like getting in touch with your sweet and elegant side, have some fun with a sheer lace look or some tights with delicate details. This is to help easily add a feminine or alluring feel to your bedroom outfits that any man will adore. 

If dark and dominating is more your style, don't be afraid to play with some fun leather or fishnet looks: to get in touch with your wild side. A pair of leather stockings can give just about any style an erotic touch: so you can have the confidence you need to be the one in control: all night long. 

The choice is up to you and your mood! 

By throwing on a pair of tights, you'll feel incredibly confident and ready to explore your every fantasy. Not only that, but your lover will be obsessed with how great you look: and will be excited to know you got all dressed up: just for them.

Experience a touch of luxury

Our Lurex Threat Black Shine Hold Ups are a great example of how easy tights can elevate your look and add a touch of luxury. These tights have a unique and elegant pattern that complements the soft material. Once you slip one leg in, you'll be impressed with the quality of the brand and the overall look and feel. Plus: the price is hard to beat!


Suspender belt fun

A suspender belt wraps around your waist and hips to accentuate your favourite features and leave you feeling snatched: in all the right places. The belt also holds up your stockings and provides a finished look of sheer beauty.

Without a suspender belt, your stockings wouldn't be able to stay in place. Which could cause them to fall or look frumpy. And no one wants that!

Suspender belts also help tie everything in and create a more finished look full of sex appeal. Typically, they're designed with a lace or sheer material: so the focus can remain on you and your body. They never take away from your true beauty, only enhance it. The way it hugs your hips in all the right places will leave anyone in your presence begging for more.

When shopping for a suspender belt, you'll want to look for one that expertly fits your waist. You never want it to be too loose or too snug. If it doesn't fit correctly, it may be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods and take away from the true beauty of your lingerie look.

You can wear this sensual accessory with just about any two-piece lingerie set. Whether it's for a romantic night in or you want to slip on something sexy under your everyday clothes. 

The perfect amount of seduction

Our Rosa Cyria Suspender Belt is an attractive accessory that will flatter your figure and keep your stockings in place: all night long. (or as long as you're still wearing it, if you know what we mean.) Once this suspender belt is around your waist, you'll be obsessed with the stylish ribbon details that are sure to complement your curves, no matter how you style it.


A plus-sized beauty queen

Obsessed is an understatement. Our Plus Size Scalloped Embroidery Garter Belt is a must-have for all the queens who are on the search for more sex appeal. The material is soft to the touch, and the design offers a feminine feel to just about any lingerie look.


This garter belt comes in four different colours, so if you have a more playful look in mind, you can style it to fit your needs. The garter belt comes in two different colours and two different sizes.

How to style suspenders belts and stockings

When it comes to styling your suspender belt and stockings, you'll want to consider the type of lingerie you'll be wearing to ensure all the accessories work together and never clash.

Lingerie sets, bras, barrettes, and bustiers work great for suspender belts and stockings. It creates a cohesive and consistent look. If you're looking to wear a babydoll or a bodysuit, you may want to stick to hold ups, since you may not be able to wear a garter belt.

Considering Colours 

We'll be the first to admit: classic black stockings won’t go with every look. If you're going for a more colourful lingerie look, don't be afraid to play with colourful stockings. Just imagine the look in your lover's eyes when he sees you matching head to toe: in a vibrant colour that fits your personality. 

On our website, you can shop a range of colour choices that are comfortable, colourful, and fun! From luscious purples to gorgeous reds: 

you can shop a range of colours on our online store that fit your needs. We are also always adding new products: so keep an eye out if you don't currently see a fun colour you're looking for. 

Playing with patterns

Don't be afraid to play with patterns and materials! Fishnet stockings and leather stockings are popular choices that add more edge to your outfit. If you want to be more cosy and comfy, you can go for a sheer black stocking. 

If you want a more classic, elegant look, consider wearing an all-white or black style: and complementing the look with our Ballerina Jacquard Knit Black stockings. These have gorgeous unique details that are classic and versatile. Whether you have an elegant lingerie set or a daring babydoll you want to dress up, you can't go wrong with a pair like these.


Choosing the perfect pair of stockings

Not sure what to choose for your first order? Don't worry: we're here to help. 

At Wild Crush, We have a great selection of sensual options you can view on our website, so you don't need to scroll through pages of products to find the stockings you need! 

Before you start shopping, consider what you're looking for and how you want to style them. Do you want something feminine and flirty? Or do you want something to complement erotic and wild?

Maybe, you're just trying to slip on something sexy to feel more confident during sexual situations. 

No matter the reason or your mood, always look for something that will fulfill your every fantasy and give you the look you desire. There are a pair of tights out there that are perfect for you. You just need to find them and slip them on!

To help you get started, here are some of our favourites:

The perfect mix of raunchy and striking

Tease as you please in these unreal Black Faux Lace Up Tights that you can't get anywhere else. These tights add a particularly sexy flair to your lingerie looks and have the power to turn any outfit into a seductive work of art. 

Black Faux Lace Up Tights | Wild Crush

The pattern and material are perfect for ladies who aren't afraid to experiment and try new things!

Elongating and eye-catching

Give your body the attention it deserves in these Belt Like Effect Hold Ups. The enticing design will elongate your legs and provide an elegant flair to any of your bedroom looks. The material is smooth against the skin and has an inviting pattern that's sure to compliment your feminine allure. Please note: this style comes in small, medium, and large. 


Fall in love with jaw-dropping details

Longing for the classic allure of sheer black on skin? Our Black Criss Cross Print Hold Ups are all you'll need. This sensual and alluring pair of stockings provide a luxurious touch to your outfit. 

Black Criss-Cross Print Hold Ups | Wild Crush

Our favourite details are the lace top trim and the delicate vertical line running down the back. Whether you dress them up or down, you'll always feel your best with a pair of stockings like these.

What are hold ups? 

These are similar to stockings. However: they don't require a suspender belt to stay on your body. They typically come as elastic top stockings with silicone straps that wrap on the leg. These are a great option to wear with a teddy or bodysuit since there might not be room for a suspender belt.

What is a reinforced toe?

If you see the term reinforced toe while you're shopping, that means the stockings have a darkened portion at the toe.

Get ready to elevate your bedroom attire

Stockings and a suspender belt can take your sensual styles to new heights and excite the lucky ones who get to experience you in them. They will complement your favourite features and provide you with a put-together look fit for any occasion. Style them how you want, play with different patterns, and get ready to feel your best with a complete and sexy style.

Shopping with Wild Crush

So, what are you waiting for? Let's find what you need to look your best in bed! The minute you try any of our tights or suspender belts on, you're just going to wish you bought them sooner. 

At Wild Crush, we have a wide range of stunning options you can choose from on our website. No matter your style or your mood, we have you covered. 

Make sure to checkout our full collection of sexy stockings. If you don't end up loving the ones you choose, we offer a 28 days Return & Exchange Policy. Just in case they don't fit your needs! 

We also offer free Uk delivery on every order, so you can rest assured knowing a stunning pair of tights or a garter belt will be in your hands in no time!