A Beginners Guide to
Vintage Lingerie

At Wild Crush, we know better than most that lingerie comes in many shapes and forms. But lingerie that is truly classic, ever-flattering and seducingly sexy often comes in the form of vintage lingerie. Donning a luxurious lingerie set underneath your day-to-day clothes can be both a great way to jazz up your outfit, and also a quick and easy way of adding a little shape for those days when some help is in need. Not to mention it can make you feel utterly sexy!

First introduced in Hollywood during the 1930’s and 1940’s, foundation wear brought about a revolution in lingerie. Needless to say, the stars didn’t like iron-clad girdles under their dresses, slacks and shorts.

Back to Foundation Wear

But nowadays, in a world that seems to love layers of elastic and modern tube-like shapewear, traditional vintage garments are often seen as intimidating because of a pre-defined idea that more traditional forms of shapewear are uncomfortable and impractical for modern life. In reality, they are often much more supportive, much more comfortable and much better-looking! 

Starting with something simple, such as a suspender belt combo, can be a great way to start introducing vintage style undergarments into your wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed by the experience. Ideal for everyday wear or evening wear, a suspender belt set is a great introduction for ladies who are new to vintage foundation garments or just want to add some glamour into their lingerie drawer. The other two huge plus points about vintage-style suspender belts is that they offer stomach shaping and support without having to wrap yourself in layers of beige spandex, but also that stockings are far more hardwearing than tights. Win-win!

Stepping Back in Time

Look at many of the sexy burlesque performers; they often don beautiful vintage style lingerie sets and wow global audiences with their sex appeal. And do they look uncomfortable? No way!

When it comes to vintage underwear, there is something for everyone. As well as old fashioned girdles, bullet bras and corsets, vintage lingerie also comes in modern style sets that include fashionable briefs and bras but with the all-important suspenders in a range of. 

Find the Style for You

If you’re new to vintage lingerie, here are 3 quick-fire ways to find the right set for you and feel sexy and confident…

  1. Dress for your shape – there are so many styles of vintage lingerie sets out there but it’s vital you pick on that suits your shape to ensure comfort. You can easily get sized – there are places that exclusively offer vintage lingerie, so seek them out and get sized properly. 
  2. Go bold – choosing bold colours can really add that edge to a lovely vintage piece. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know, you might just love it!
  3. Experiment with styles – from 1930s through to 1950s, there are so many types and styles of vintage lingerie. Don’t get stuck in one era. Experiment and find what’s right for you!

At Wild Crush, we support all women to feel feminine and sexy which is why we think vintage style lingerie is revolutionary. And we absolutely love this beautiful vintage inspired piece Pink Stretch Lace Underwire Bralette Set. Showing off curves in all the right places, this comfy but sexy set is sure to turn heads.

Vintage lingerie doesn’t have to be complicated and scary. A simple suspender look with the right outfit can still give knockout results while making you feel amazing (and turn your partner on). Vintage lingerie really is something that is a joy to be worn daily, it’s just about finding the perfect set for you!