3 Reasons Sheer Lingerie
is The Best Type of Lingerie!

Sheer lingerie is sexy, entrancing, and very enticing. This barely-there fabric style – especially when it forms a backdrop for stunning embroidery work – is the thing that every erotic dream is made of. Just pure sexual delight!

If you’re new to this type of sensual look, then ultra-sheer lingerie can seem a little daunting at first, especially if you’re used to shopping for pieces that cover you up. If you’re nervous about trying sheer lingerie for the first time, remember you can always opt for a piece that mixes translucent and opaque fabrics. Alternatively, you can opt for one with a busy lace pattern that obscures the fact you’ve got so much beautiful skin on show beneath.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why sheer lingerie is the best type of lingerie!

1. Sheer leaves little to the imagination…If you’re in the mood to ooze sexiness and want your partner to see most of what you have to offer but not everything, sheer is perfect. Take this gorgeous Black Sheer Mesh and Scalloped Lace Full Length Gown for example, it’s classy, but still sheer enough for whoever you’re looking to impress to be left…well very impressed! If you’re specifically going for a ‘sexy’ look, few things are as daring or as captivating as lingerie that’s see-through! It’s like being dressed and undressed at the same time, revealing as much as you are covering. The effect is especially ‘barely-there’ – though classic black is always a good sexy lingerie colour choice too.

2. It feels amazing against your skin…A wispy, soft touch of light fabric against your skin is obviously more breathable than something that’s a little thicker – the fact that sheer lingerie is so lightweight makes it perfect for keeping the amount of fabric on your body to a minimum, so you can stay cool in warm weather. Sheer fabric is soft and caressing. It makes you feel and look sexy and feel sexual all at once. There are even many pieces that can be worn under your day-to-day outfit if you simply love the feeling of sheer. This gorgeous Roza Cyria Set – is comfortable and erotic, and is ideal for sexual encounters or a day in the office. 

3. It can hide ‘problem’ areas…When we first think of sheer, many of us may worry that the see-through nature of the fabric will highlight what some would refer to as problem areas. However, there are so many style options out there when it comes to sheer lingerie that there is literally something for everyone. This stunning Plum & Red Sheer Babydoll with Lace Trim is sheer enough to give you the ultimate sex appeal but also great for covering some of the skin and stomach or bottom while highlighting voluptuous boobs. 

For more tips on choosing and wearing sexy lingerie, have a look around the Wild Crush website to choose a style made for you.